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A Mid-Winter Record of the Barn Swallow in Lane County, Oregon

Gordon W. Gullion
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2 (March-April)
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A Mid-winter Record of the Earn Swallow in Lane County, Oregon.-Throughout the winter of 1946-47 a Burrowing Owl (Speotyto cunicularia) established residence under a low bridge along the highway near Meadowview about eight miles north of Eugene, Lane County, Oregon. During this period of time I was collecting owl pellets for analysis and made two collections from about this bird’s roosting place.

The first collection of nine pellets was made on December 30, 1946. The second collection produced six newly cast pellets on February 9, 1947. Two of the pellets from the latter group contained the remains of a Barn Swallow (Hirutia rustica). Of these two pellets, one was entirely composed of swallow material and the other contained both swallow remains and the parts of a mouse of the genus Peromyscus.

Normally the Barn Swallow is found in this area from April until late September, but apparently this bird was in the area during January. The pellet analysis was made by Charles C. Sperry of the Denver Wildlife Research Laboratory of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.-GORDON  W. GULLION, Eugene, Oregon, October 4,1947. 

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