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Returns of Banded California Brown Pelicans

R. M. Bond
2 (March-April)
From Field and Study
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Returns of Banded California Brown Pelicans.-Early returns of pelicans banded at Anacapa Island, Ventura County, California, in April, 1939, and May, 1940, were reported by me in 1942 in the Condor (44: 116-121). Since that time eight additional returns have come in as follows, all but the last one banded on May 1.5, 1940.

How obtained                      Date                             Place

Shot                                Season, 1942”                 4 miles S San Rafael, Calif.

Found injured                   May 22, 1944                 Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, Calif.

Found dead                     Aug. 22,1944                  Near Femdale, Calif.

Shot ,                              Jan. 1, 1945                   About 4 km. from mouth of Rio Acaponeta, , Nayarit, Mexico

Found                              April 30, 1945                 Ensenada, Baja Calif., Mexico

Dead on beach                 Nov. 4, 1945                   Santa Cruz, Calif.

Caught on fish hook          About April 1, 1947          Huntington Beach, Calif.

Found dead                      Jan. 4, 1946                   Between Coronado and Imperial Beach, Calif.

Thus 8 (7.62 per cent) of the 105 nestings banded on April 16, 1939, and 63 (14.00 per cent) of the 450 banded on May 15, 1940, have been returned. The localities reported are all within the range established by the early returns. The oldest birds so far heard from are the last two listed here: 6 years and about 11 months, and 6 years and about 9 months, respectively.

The bid found at Ensenada may possibly have been nesting in the vicinity, but the question of whether or not there is any attachment to the natal colony is not answered by these returns.-R. M. BOND, Soil Conservation Service, Portland, Oregon, December 22, 1947. 

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