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A Ross Goose Taken in Wallowa County, Oregon

Stanley G. Jewett
4 (July-August)
From Field and Study
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A Ross Goose Taken in Wallowa County, Oregon.-On January 24, 1946, I received a pair of wings from State Police Officer George Rogers of Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon, with a request that I identify these remains of a bird shot in his district. They proved to be from an immature Ross Goose, Chen rossii. As no previous occurrence of this vanishing species was known from the northeastern section of Oregon, I wrote requesting additional information. Under date of Jariuary 29, 1946, Rogers replied that the Ross Goose “was killed on November 4, 1945, by I. S. Surber. He and Bill Warnock were hunting ducks out on the J. H. Dobbin ranch about three miles southeast of Enterprise and were walking along one of those small streams which flow through the place when a hunch of mallards got up. This little snow goose got up all alone and attempted to follow along behind the mallards but was downed by Mr. Surber.” Recent known occurrences of the Ross Goose outside of its regular winter range have been few and far between and should be placed on record.-STANLEY G. JEWEL, Portland, Oregon, February 18, 1946. 

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