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2 (March-April)


Frequently popular scientific publications carry articles stating that a goose, swan, condor, eagle ‘or some other large bird (other than ostriches) has been known to break a person’s arm or leg by a blow of the wing. We know of no well authenticated instance. This note is published at the suggestion of a reader in the hope that some of our Club members can adduce evidence on the subject.

The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology receives many inquiries about birds and other vertebrates from naturalists now in the armed forces. There also have been numerous requests for assistance in obtaining literature. Since entrance of our forces into the Philippines several requests have come for R. C. McGregor’s “A Manual of Philippine Birds” and M. Hachisuka’s “Birds of the Philippine Islands.” The staff has been unable as yet to obtain copies of these works. If any Cooper Club member has copies which he is willing to loan or sell to service men in the South Pacific, please write to Seth B. Benson, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley, California, giving details as to price, and he will make the necessary arrangements as to payment and transportation. Do not send the books until notified unless they are to be gifts or loans. Any assistance in obtaining these and similar books will be appreciated by the men in the service.

A paper which may escape the notice of students of Pacific Coast ornithology is B. F. Osoria Tafall’s “La Expedition de1 M. N. ‘Graciosa’ por Aguas de1 Extremo Noroeste Mexicano” (Anales de la Escuela National de Ciencias Bioloeicas [Mexico, D.F.], 3, ‘1944:331-360). This surve; of guano production in northwestern Mexico contains many notes on the bird-life of islands near the peninsula of Baja California.-F.A.P. 

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