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Another Record of the Purple Gallinule in Arizona

Chas. T. Vorhies
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2 (March-April)
From Field and Study

Another Record of the Purple Gallinule in Arizona.-An uninjured adult female Purple Gallinule (Zonorti martinica) was taken on July 21, 1944, about 4 miles northeast of Tucson, Arizona. It was reported to me by a University watchman, Mr. Frye, on whose*premises the family cat discovered it in hiding under a small palm, just after two or three days of high winds. A light mauling by the cat had resulted only in the loss of a few tail feathers.

There are now three authentic records of this species in Arizona backed by specimens in the University of Arizona collection. The first, an adult female, was taken at Tucson, September 30, 1887; the second, an adult male, was taken at Montana Lake, Oro Blanco, in western Santa Cruz County, on August 2, 1909. Both of these are in the Brown collection. To these the third, present specimen, is now added.

Doubt is cast by Allan Phillips (MS) on the claim, by Willard, of one taken at Tombstone in June, 1904 (Condor, 7, 1905:112). I think Phillips’ point is well taken.-CHAS. T. VORHIES, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, November 22,1944.

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