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Snow Bunting in New Mexico

Donald F. Hoffmeister
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1 (January-February)
From Field and Study

Snow Bunting in New Mexico.-In the Museum of Natural History at the University of Kansas there is a Snow Bunting (Pkctrophenaz nivalis nivalis), no. 6621, for which the catalogue entry reads “Dec. 16, 1886 Las Vegas Mts. New Mexico Coll. by Allie Harvey Orig. g 455 Mtd. by L. L. Dyche.” This specimen probably was obtained at or near the Harvey Ranch, about twenty-five miles by trail up the Gallinas River (northwest) from Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico, in what are oftener referred to as the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Dyche collected specimens in several seasons in the vicinity of the Harvey Ranch and in the published account of this collecting (see C. E. Edwords, Camp-fires of a Naturalist, New York, D. ADDleton __ and Comnanv. 1893) hv name .., *< mentions Allie Harvey. I know of no other records of ,the Snow Bunting in New Mexico, nor of any record elsewhere in the western United States as far south as the latitude of this occurrence in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The southern limit of range for the Snow Bunting, west of the Mississippi River, as known from extralimital occurrences-all in winter-is a line from Camp Harney in Oregon, eastward along Utah Lake, Utah, to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, Wichita, Kansas, and Covington, Louisiana. Of these records, the four previously published are: Oregon (Bendire, Proc. Boston Sot. Nat. Hist., 19, 1877: 117) ; Utah (Johnson, Wilson Bull., 47, 1935: 160) ; Kansas (Isley, Auk, 29, 1912: 43) ; Louisiana (Oberholser, Louisiana Dept. Cons., 28, 1938:679).-DONALD F. HOFFMEISTER, Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas, September 21, 1944. 

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