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A Record of the Sabine Gull at Berkeley, California

Walter W. Dalquest
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1 (January-February)
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A Record of the Sabine Gull at Berkeley, California.-The Sabine Gull (Xema subini) is a common late summer migrant in northern Puget Sound and off the coast of Washington, Oregon, and California. It has rarely been recorded from shore or inland waters of California. Grinnell and Wythe (Pac. Coast Avif. No. 18, 1927:43) list four records for San Francisco Bay; one in late April, one in May and two in October.

On August 21, 1943, I watched an immature bird of this species as it patrolled the water near the Berkeley Pier, Alameda County, California. When first seen, it was about a quarter of a mile from shore, although most of its activities were carried on farther out. Twice it was seen to pick small pieces of sardine bait from the water and once it attempted to seize the bait from my fishline. On August 22, Dr. Alden H. Miller saw what was presumably the same bird at the same locality. It was not seen on August 25 or on visits on subsequentdates-WALTER W. DALQUEST, Museum of Vertebrate zoology, Berkeley, California, September 25,1943. 

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