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White-Winged Dove in Santa Cruz County, California

R. M. Bond
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6 (November-December)
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White-winged Dove in Santa Cruz County, California

On July 18, 1939, a White-winged Dove (Melopelia asiatica) was seen in Larkin Valley, about five miles west of Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California. The bird was perched on a wire beside the road, where it remained until we got out of the car. It was closely and carefully observed, both at rest and in tlight, by myself, Dr. Laurence M. Dickerson and Mr. A. C. Hawbecker. There was no question as to the identity of the bird, but it may, of course, have been an escape. The nearest records of occurrence of this species seem to be at Twenty-nine Palms, San Bernardino County (Heller, Condor, vol. 3, 1901, p. 100; Carter, Condor, vol. 39, 1937, p. 8s; at Escondido, San Diego County (Dixon, Condor, vol. 14, 1912, p. 196) ; and in Santa Barbara (Parmenter, Condor, vol. 25, 1923, p. 107). Mr. Hawbecker has seen the bird several times during the subsequent month. The identification of the bird is so certain that he has not tried to collect it.

R. M. Bond

Soil Conservation Service, Berkeley, California, September 5, 1939

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