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The Baird Sandpiper in Central California

Robert T. Orr
5 (September-October)
From Field and Study
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The Baird Sandpiper in Central California

To date, so far as known, there are only two records for the Baird Sandpiper (Pisobia bairdii) in central California (see Mailliard, Auk, vol. 15, 1898, p. 51, and Martin, Condor, vol. 41, 1939, p. 125). The species has been observed and collected a number of times from the Santa Barbara region and southward, and Davis (Condor, vol. 41, 1939, p. 124) lists a number of occurrences in the Humboldt Bay area.

It Seems worthwhile, therefore, to make mention of seven additional specimens from central California in the collection of the California Academy of Sciences. Four of these were secured by E. W. Gifford at Carmel, Monterey County, in 1911. Two of these, a male and a female, were taken on August 23, and the other two, both females, on September 1 and 4, respectively. On August 10, 1938, the writer observed seven sandpipers of this species in the course of the afternoon on the beach immediately south of the mouth of Waddell Creek, Santa Cruz County. Three of. these were secured, one a male weighing 37.7 grams and the other two females, weighing 48.2 grams and 53.7 grams.

Robert T. Orr

California Academy of Scieruces, San Francisco, California, June 30, 1939

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