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The Prairie Falcon Nesting in Saskatchewan

Laurence B. Potter
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1 (January-February)
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The Prairie Falcon Nesting in Saskatchewan

On May 23, 1936, Mr. C. F. Holmes, in company with Mr. E. H. M. Knowles of Regina, discovered the Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus) nesting in the valley of the Frenchman River, fifteen miles southeast of Eastend, in southwestern Saskatchewan. As appears to be usual, there was no nest of any description, the four eggs being laid on the bare sand in a recess in the side of a thirty-foot cliff (see fig. 12). A series of photographs was taken of the eggs and later, of the young birds, the last picture being secured on July 8.

Fig. 12. Eggs of the Prairie Falcon near Eastend, Saskatchewan.

In settled-up country, the Prairie Falcon can often become a troublesome “chicken-hawk”; but in common with other raptors its numbers are not what they were twenty years ago. Thus the finding of the nesting place, the first recorded in the Province, is of special interest. We may hope the falcons will continue to use this aerie where they stand an excellent chance of rearing their brood unmolested.

Laurence B. Potter

Gower Ranck, Eastend, Saskatchewan, October 26, 1936

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