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Vermilion Flycatcher Increasing in Coschella Valley, California

Wilson C. Hanna
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3 (May-June)
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Vermilion Flycatcher Increasing in Coachella Valley, California

Since I first found the Vermilion Flvcatcher (Purocevhalus rubinus mexicanus) breeding in Coachella, California, in 1928 (Condor, 31, 1929, p. 75), it has been my good fortune to visit the vicinity frequently. It will be gratifying to all bird lovers to learn that these gorgeous beauties have now increased until they are not uncommon. I have seen over a dozen within a few hours on several occasions. A number of nests with eggs, as well as old nests, have been observed, and on March 26, 1934, I saw several young birds which could fly, although still being fed by the old birds. A female was on a nest containing two fresh eggs on March 3, 1935, while the male bird was perched about fifty feet away.

All of the ranchers with whom I have talked have noticed the birds, although some of them do not know them by name, and seem to be as anxious as I am to have them increase.

Wilson C. Hanna

Colton, California, March 11, 1935

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