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Summer Occurrence of the Goshawk in Idaho

R. L. Hand
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1 (January-February)
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Summer Occurrence of the Goshawk in Idaho

In the 1931 edition of the A. O. U. Check-list I note that Idaho is not mentioned in the ranges given for either form of the Goshawk, Astur atricapillus atricapillus or A. a. striatulus. In the Clearwater Mountains of the St. Joe and Little North Fork drainages I find that the occurrence of one of the two forms during the summer months is usual enough to give fair evidence of the probability of their breeding in this locality. On July 27, 1930, I shot an immature male which I took to be the western form, and the following sight records have been noted by me during the summer months: July 6, 1921, one; June 6, 1922, one; July 27, 1930, two, one collected; July 28 to August 13, 1930, one seen every few days; July 27, 1931, two; August 8, 1932, two; August 10, 1932, one; August 20, 1932, two. During September and October the Goshawk is usually one of the commonest hawks in the heavily timbered areas, and it is usually present to some extent throughout the winter.

R. L. Hand

Avery, Idaho, October 6, 1932

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