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The Second Occurrence of the Louisiana Heron in California

Lawrence M. Huey
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5 (September-October)
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The Second Occurance of the Louisiana Heron in California

In the late afternoon of March 22. 1925. while collecting snecimens for the Natural History Museum. Balboa Park, San Diego, I chanced to spy a peculiar-looking heron of slender stature, standing in the middle of a wide slough where the Sweetwater River enters San Diego Bay. As the tide was low and the bottom of the channel was exposed, dozens, of shore-birds were feeding all about the heron, and, as there was no cover, I had but little hope of successfully approaching it. However, by slow, steady walking, I was able to get within easy gun range, in spite of the warning calls and timely departure of a greater part of the waders, and. I shot the heron as it flushed. A knee-deep wade through black, odorous mud brought me to a fine adult female specimen of the Louisiana Heron (Hyclranassa tricolor ruficollis) and it is now no. 9788 in the collection of the San Diego Society of Natural History.

Lawrence M. Huey

Natural History Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, April 25, 1985

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