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American Redstart in Los Angeles

Mrs. Ella H. Ellis
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1 (January-February)
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American Redstart in Los Angeles

While in Griffith Park the afternoon of September 13, 1923, near the Western Avenue picnic grounds, my eye was caught by a flash of black wings with brilliant orange patches as a bird flew into the top of a nearby oak. I immediately followed this up, and, never having seen anything like it before, I hurriedly jotted down the following notes as I observed the bird. “Above, all black with bright orange patch on wings and rump or tail. Below, throat and breast black with orange patch at side of breast. Belly white. Size and actions of Warbler.” On consulting Bailey and Chapman, I could find nothing that at all fitted this description except the male American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla), and as the distinctive coloration and markings are so striking, it would seem that there can be no doubt as to its identification.

The Redstart was also seen by Miss J. A. Potter, who was with me at the time. The following day Mrs. G. H. Schneider made a trip to the same location, hoping the bird might still be there, and was equally fortunate in seeing this rare visitor.

Ella H. Ellis

Los Angeles, September 20, 1923

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