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Authors' Names in the Second Condor Index

T. S. Palmer
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5 (September-October)
From Field and Study

Authors’ Names in the Second Condor Index

In the Second Ten Year Index to The Condor for 1909-1918, by J. R. Pemberton, full names of authors were included as far as possible. In about 40 cases it proved impracticable to secure the names in full, but about half of them are now known. In presenting these names the opportunity may be taken to correct a few errors which inadvertently occurred in printing the Index. Such corrected names are marked by an asterisk, and names not generally used are enclosed in brackets.

Following are some of the incomplete names in full:

Alexander, Annie Montague

Bailey, Vernon [Orlando]

Bergtold, William Harry*

Brooks, Allan [Cyril]

Bryant, Amy Morrish

Bunker, Charles Dean

Buturlin, Sergius Alexandrovich

Cameron, Ewen Somerled

Dixon, Joseph [Scattergood] D

ubois, Alexander Dawes

Figgins, Jesse Dade

Hunt, Richard Montague

Kim, Albert* Joseph Bernard

McAtee, Waldo* Lee

McLean, Donald Dudley

Mailliard, Ernest Chase

Palmer, Robert Hastings

Vogelsang, Charles Adolph

Wetmore, [Frank] Alexander

On pages 7 and 8 of the Index are given full names of authors whose papers appeared in the first ten volumes of THE CONDOR. To this list should now be added Gerald Bamber Thomas and Clark Cracker Van Fleet. Three names in the list require correction, viz., Stephen Alfred Forbes, Frederick Hall Fowler, and William Le Grange Ralph. Examination will show that the first two were inadvertently combined and the last contained a typographical error. These additions leave 31 names in the first Index and about 20 in the second, still incomplete.

T. S. Palmer

Washington, D. C., July 19, 1920

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