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Some Bird Records from Nebraska

Harry C. Oberholser
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1 (January-February)
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Some Bird Records from Nebraska

The following records of Nebraska birds perhaps deserve publication. They consist of species observed near or beyond the limits of their hitherto known summer ranges, or of occurrences otherwise interesting from a distributional standpoint. They were all obtained in Cherry County, in the central northern part of the State, during the writer’s investigation of the wild fowl of that region.

Chaetura pelagica. Chimney Swift. A single individual was seen at a ranch a few miles west of Cody on June 1, 1915.

Sayornis sayus. Say Phoebe. Two were observed in the streets of Valentine on June 2 and 3, 1915.

Hylocichla mustelina. Wood Thrush. One was heard singing in the timber along the Niobrara River eight or nine miles south of Valentine on June 3, 1915.

Gireo bellii bellii. Bell Vireo. This species was found on the Niobrara River a few miles south of Valentine on June 3, 1915; twice on the upper part of Gordon Creek, a few miles north of Simeon, on the same date; and on the island in Dewey Lake in eastern Cherry County on June 4, 1915.

Hedymeles melanocephalus papago. Black-headed Grosbeak. A full plumaged adult male was seen at the Tate Ranch near Tate Lake in southeastern Cherry County on June 18, 1915.

Guiraca caerulea lazula. Western Blue Grosbeak. A single adult male of this species was observed along the North Loup River, five miles east of the Palmer Ranch, on June 17, ’ 1915.

Spizella pusilla arenacea. Western Field Sparrow. A single individual was observed on June 16, 1915, at the Palmer Ranch in western Cherry County, which is about eight miles east of Pullman, and near the source of the North Loup River.

Harry C. Oberholser

Washington, D. C., October 1, 1919

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