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Empidonax Griseus in Oregon

Harry C. Oberholser
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1 (January-February)
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Empidonax griseus in Oregon

The first known occurrence of Empidonax griseus in Oregon was recorded by Mr. Stanley G. Jewett (CONDOR, xv, 1913, p. 229), and was based on a specimen taken on June 25, 1908, at Wright’s Point, 15 miles south of Burns. Since then several other records have appeared in print, but our knowledge of the distribution of this species in the State is still so meager that additional data are worth publication. Three unrecorded specimens are at present in the collection of the Biological Survey, as follows: No. 140165, U. S. Nat. Mus., adult male, Burns, Oregon, July 6, 1896, collected by Vernon Bailey; no. 141959, U. 5. Nat. Mus., adult female, Narrows, Oregon, July 25, 1896, collected by E. A. Preble; and no. 140164, U. S. Nat. Mus., adult male, Elgin, Oregon, May 27, 1896, collected by Vernon Bailey. It will be noticed that all three of these specimens were obtained twelve years before the one that was first reported from the State by Mr. Jewett, although they have remained unmentioned until now.

Harry C. Oberholser

Washington, D. C., October 1, 1919

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