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Second Occurrence of the Painted Bunting at Solomon, Saline County, Kansas

A. J. Kirn
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6 (November-December)
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Second Occurrence of the Painted Bunting at Solomon, Saline County, Kansas

A record of the nesting of the Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) near Solomon, Kansas, was given in THE CONDOR, for September, 1918. This year, 1919, I again saw one of the birds near the place where the nest and female were found last year. On June 30, 1919, a male was seen, and it was encountered a second time two days later. I am inclined to think the bird is of more than accidental occurrence in that part of the state and am strengthened in this belief by. having seen three males near Chanute, Neosha County. One was seen July 23 and several times later until July 27, a second July 25, and a third July 27, each in a different locality, and several miles apart. I did not look for nests but think it likely that they could have been found, judging from the date of the 1918 nest (June 10) at Solomon. On August 8 still another male wae seen just north of Altoona, Wilson County. Prom these records it would seem that the species occurs regularly farther north than was thought to be the case, or else, what is, perhaps more likely, its range is being extended northward, possibly from an increase in numbers due to protection. Other Kansas observers may be able to add to our records of the bird.

A. J. Kirn

Neodesha, Kanaas, August 16, 1919

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