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Late Snowy Owl Dates

Stanton Warburton, Jr.
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5 (September-October)
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Late Snowy Owl Dates

In regard to the migrations of the Snowy Owl (Nyctea nyctea) last Winter (1917-18) it may be of interest to report some late dates on which the species was observed by the writer and Mr. D. E. Brown of Seattle. These owls were seen daily at WestPort, Grays Harbor, Washington, during the week of April 8 to 14, 1918.

The first owl seen at this time was shown to us by Mr. H. A. Dusenbery, who stated that they had been in that vicinity all winter. The first owl collected was taken by Mr. Brown on April 9. It was a large female, quite fat and with a full stomach. The contents of the stomach consisted of duck feathers, but it was impossible to tell of which variety. Another Snowy Owl was collected by Mr. Wilmer Dusenbery on April 11. This bird, again a large female, had the entire foot, tarsus, and upper leg bone of an American Coot (Fulica americana) in its stomach.

Just Previous to collecting this bird, Mr. Dusenbery had shot a few sandpipers, and the owl on seeing this had come over to get some. Its foot was within eighteen inches of one of the specimens when it was shot. Mr. Dusenbery said that this was of common occurrence when the owls were plentiful during the winter.

Stanton Warburton, Jr.

Tacoma, Washington, May 17, 1918

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