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Some Notes from Washington

C. W. Bowles
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3 (May-June)
From Field and Study

Some Notes From Washington

The following records were made by Mr. D.E. Brown of Tacoma, Washington. He turned over most of his notes to my brother and Mr. Dawson for their joint book, "The Birds of Washington," but the following, which seem to me of especial interest, were for some reason overlookt.

Leucosticte tephrocotis littoralis. Hepburn Leucosticte: A Leucosticte was seen building a nest on Mt. Baker, Washington, June 10, 1905, but it was not possible to wait for it to be finisht. Specimens collected at the time proved to be the Hepburn Leucosticte, altho the bird building the nest was not killed.

Myadestes townsendi. Townsend Solitaire. A nest found in a railroad cut near Renton--a suburb of Seattle--Washington. On June 3, 1908, it contained four young birds three or four days old.

Strix occidentalis caurina. Northern Spotted Owl. A nest believed to belong to this species found on May 23,1908. It contained young birds somewhat larger than screech owls, and with no sign of any tufts on the head. Some young Horned Owls examined, of about the same age, had the ears very plainly developt. On visiting the same place on April 12, 1909, the nest --a hole in a stump--was found to contain a Saw-whet Owl (Cryptoglaux acadicus) and four slightly incubated eggs. Ranchers near by told of killing two large owls with smooth, round heads, during the winter.

Botaurus lentiginosus. American Bittern. A nest containing four eggs found in eastern Washington ou June 3, 1908.


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