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Robert B. Rockwell
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1 (January-February)
From Field and Study
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Mr. Herbert Massey's article on "Arrangement of an Oological Collection" contains some novel ideas on this subject, several of which are well worthy of adoption by American collectors.

The round trays seem to me to produce a much more pleasing effect than square or oblong ones, and without going into the mathematics of the question, I should judge that there would be very little difference in economy of space.

The point however which appeals most strongly to me, is the use of dust-proof glass tops to the trays, an idea which is entirely new to me, and the greatest improvement imaginable over the use of open trays. The expense of the round glass tops and the work of sealing them onto the trays might be considered an objection; but the perfect protection afforded from careless fingers and falling articles, and the absence of dust and insect pests more than offset the extra labor and expense, and as a matter of fact, the last two items should be negligible quantities in the preparation of any scientific collection.

The custom of placing the data for the set on the bottom of the tray, so that the tray has to be removed from the cabinet and turned either partially or altogether up-side-down, when the data is referred to, seems to me an exceedingly dangerous practice, especially in a public museum where people of all classes and ages handle the trays; for no matter how securely the eggs were packed in the tray, a fall from the hand to the floor would undoubtedly be accompanied by dire results, especially in case the glass cover broke.

However Mr. Massey's article is exceedingly instructive and interesting and I am indebted to him for several ideas which I shall put into practice.


Denver, Colorado.

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