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Minutes of Meetings

Charles S. Thompson
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4 (July-August)

Minutes of Club Meetings


MARCH.-The club met March 5, at the residence of Miss Sophie Englehardt, Oakland,one honorary member, Mr. W. E. Bryant, nineteen active members, and twelve visitors being present. The President, Mr. H. R. Taylor, was in the chair. The following were elected to active membership: P. B. Peabody, J. L. Childs, Vernon Bailey, G. W. Luce, and Miss Anna M. Wiebalk. There were ten applications for membership: C. W. Richmond, Washington, D. C., Ruthven Deane, Chicago, Ill., 0. Widmann, St. Louis, Mo., William Brewster, Cambridge, Mass., and L.B. Bishop, New Haven, Conn., being proposed by Dr. A. K. Fisher; A. H. Keeney, Santa Barbara, and Jonathan Dwight, New York, by Mr. Grinnell; E. S. Cheney, Oakland, Cal., by Mr. Emerson; J. H. Flanagan, Providence, R. I., and Lieut. W. B. Eastman, San Francisco, by Chas. S. Thompson. A communication was read, in which Mr. Grinnell stated that the Club was in good condition financially, and on motion Mr. Grinnell was instructed to prepare a general statement of the financial affairs of the Club. Mr. W. Lee Chambers was appointed, to inspect the Club books.

The business having been disposed of, the program was next taken up, Chas. S. Thompson reading a paper on "A Visit to a Yellowbilled Magpie Colony," which was discussed by the members, R. B. Moran and Mr. Kaeding making remarks. Mr. F. E. Newberry read an interesting paper on "The Osprey in Rhode Island," relating his experiences with the birds during several years. He showed a fine series of photographs of osprey's nests, as well as several sets of eggs which were much admired.

The meeting then adjourned to meet at the residence of Professor O. P. Jenkins, at Stanford University, May 7, 1904.

MAY. The Club met May 7, at the residence of Prof. O. P. Jenkins, at Stanford University, sixteen active members and ten visitors being present. President H. R. Taylor was in the chair. Ten active members were elected as follows: Jonathan Dwight, Jr., A. H. Keeney, L. B. Bishop, William Brewster, 0. Widmann, Ruthven Deane, C. W. Richmond, Lieut. W. B. Eastman, J. H. Flanagan, and E. S. Cheney. There were three applications for membership. L. Stejneger, Washington, D. C., and S. F, Rathbun, Seattle, being proposed bv Dr. A. K. Fisher, and Walter Deane, Cambridge, Mass., by Joseph Grinnell.

The program was now taken up, Mr. N. Carpenter reading an interesting paper entitled "Bird Life on the San Luis Rey." Mr. Snyder next spoke on "The Nesting of the Sierra Junco at Stanford University." He exhibited a nest and three eggs of Sierra junco taken at Stanford University, and the skin of the female parent. Mr. Snyder's talk was discussed at some length inasmuch as the Sierra junco has been found "breeding out of its range, at an unusual time and in an unusual place." Mr. Thompson read an article from the "Pennsylvania Register" for 1831 (cf. p. 345) in which the nesting habits of the cliff swallow were described. This paper was also discussed, Mr. Taylor pointiug out that it was probably the first published observation on the cliff swallow's nesting on barns, showing that they must have changed their nesting places in that particular locality at about this time. The meeting then adjourned to meet at the residence of H. R. Taylor, Alameda, Cal., July 9, 1904.



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