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The Hummingbirds of Escondido and Vicinity

Nelson Carpenter
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1 (January-February)
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The Hummingbirds of Escondido and Vicinity

Of all the hummingbirds of this locality the black-chinned (alexandri) is by far the most common. The first year I collected here the hummers were very common. A small citrus nursery not far from one place seemed to abound with them, nearly all being of the black-chinned variety. Here they build their nests in the young trees, using willow, cotton, and the down from the young sycamore leaves for material. It would be hard to tell how many nests were built and occupied, but at least twenty or more were found containing eggs and young. But where have they gone ?

In 1900 there was hardly a nest built in this nursery. My notes show that I observed but two nests of this species during that season, the first one being found May 2, containing one fresh egg, which I supposed hatched with the second egg in time. Two nice sets of Anna hummers were preserved during that season, being taken in May. The composition of the nests was quite different from that of the black-chinned, consisting of withered leaves and feathers, all being covered with the usual amount of spider web. These were placed in oaks well up on the hill side.

I found but four nests of the black-chinned and one of the Anna. I have failed to find this family of birds breeding here as early as recorded further north, my earliest record being that of the Anna just mentioned which was found on March 17, containing two young about one-half grown. I have noticed but one specimen of the rufous hummer here. It was a male late in the summer of 1900, so I have no reason to believe they breed here. To sum up I have recorded two species breeding, black-chinned and Anna together with one probably migratory, namely, the rufous. The Allen variety is found breeding about twenty miles further inland in the pine belt, a friend of mine having found a nest containing two eggs which he collected with one of the parent birds.


Escondido, Cal.

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