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Wren-Tit Building in a Tree

Joseph Mailliard
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4 (July-August)
From Field and Study

Wren-Tit Building in a Tree

It has always been one of my traditions, strongly corroborated by experience, that the family of wren-tits invariably build nests in low bushes, near the ground, the highest observed not having been over three and one-half feet. On the morning of the 18th of April, 1902, however, I observed a wren-tit (Chamae f. henshawi) carrying materials for a nest. Half an hour's watch failed to locate any particular bush that seemed to be the building site, hut I noticed that the birds always flew into a live oak tree before diving into the surrounding bushes. Close approach, and several changes of position without giving offense to the busy pair, finally developed the fact that they had chosen the thick outer part of a large overhanging branch of this tree for the site of their nursery, and the height above ground of the nest was estimated at twelve feet. This morning they appeared to be nearly through with the labor of lining, and I presume the fairer partner will assume her maternal duties in a day or two. Unfortunately it will be impossible, from its situation, to watch this nest for further details. If any of the readers of THE CONDOR have discovered similar sites for nest-building appropriated by these birds it would be of general interest to know of such.


Santa Barbara, Cal., April 20, 1902.

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