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Getting a Late Supper

W. B. Judson
6 (November-December)
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Getting a late Supper.

RETURNING from work wheel during the latter August, I picked up in my front tire and after on my part of a tack many stops to pump up the tire, reached home in a bad frame of mind to find a cold supper. After supper I concluded to repair the puncture which I did, commencing at eight o’clock and finishing half an hour later.

The first thing I did was to turn on the electric light on the front porch, and look for the puncture. While so engaged a shadow kept falling across the wheel and looking up, imagine my surprise to see a Black Phoebe sitting on a branch of a rose-bush about four feet over my head, biting the wings from off a large moth it had captured and eyeing the other insects which were darting about the light. After whetting his bill on the branch he se. lected another moth which was captured on the second attempt.

The electric light in question is eight candie-power and throws just enough light on the porch to attract a few insects. The phoebe did not seem the least bit alarmed at my presence and continued to catch bugs within two feet of my head, while I watched operations directly under the lamp. Soon 1 called my mot’her and brother but the bird paid no attention to the three of us standing near the lamp. 1 turned the light off for a few minutes and when I turned it on again he immediately started after the bugs. After wattihing him lor half an hour I came to the cc;nelusion that it was bad for birds to eat between meals, so put out the light and retired.

W. B. JUDSOS.Los Angeles, Cal.

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