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Notes from Haywards, California

W. Otto Emerson
1 (January-February)
Echoes from the Field
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Notes from Haywards, Cal.

In some notes published in the Nidologist, Mr. D. A. Cohen of Alameda mentions that the Hermit Warbler (D. occidentalis) was reported seen in 1885 at Berkeley. My records extend back to March 4, 1880, when two males were shot in live oaks on the north hillside at Haywards. I find among my records the taking of a Black-throated Gray Warbler (D. nigrescens) on Oct. 14, 1882, and another seen on May 11, 1883. I also have a male Myrtle Warbler (D. coronata) taken April 13, 1881, the only specimen ever noted here.

I shot a male and noted two other Red-breasted Nuthatches on Oct. 14, 1882, the only time I observed them. A California Creeper (C. familiaris occidentalis) was observed in the live oaks on Feb. 2, 1890, being rather out of its range as it is restricted to the redwood and pine regions. On Dec. 8, 1885, a cold, wet, windy day, I noticed several Californian Chickadees (Parus rufescens neglectus) feeding among the cypress trees, which is the only time they were seen. They were no doubt common years ago, before the disappearance of the redwoods from the hillsides and canons. A female was taken at Dry Creek Aug. 1, 1896, and the species may breed on this side of the bay shore.

W. OTTO EMERSON, Haywards, Cal.

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