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Violet-green Swallow in Marin Co; Two Unrecorded Captures

T. E. Slevin
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4 (July-August)
Echoes from the Field
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Violet-green Swallow in Marin Co; Two Unrecorded Captures.

I was pleased to see my note on the Violet-green Swallow, which appeared in BULLETIN No. 2, considered worthy of Mr. Carriger's remark in the last issue. The note was certainly rather vague and gave no reason for my identification, which I will now give: First: In all the birds which came near enough to be seen distinctly, the large white patches on either side of the rump were most conspicuous. Secondly: In one instance a bird wheeled so near me (not more than 20 feet away) that a flash of violet on the back was distinctly seen as the bird flew by. As these two points, I believe, are characteristic ? of the Violet-green and not of the Tree Swallow, I think the birds seen may safely be called the former. As no specimens were secured there, of course, is a doubt, but I took the birds to be Violet-green Swallows.

Junco hyemalis. On January 24, 1897, at Berkely, Cal., I collected an adult ♂ (typical) of this species, as it was feeding by the roadside in company with a large flock of J. h. oregonus.

Spinus psaltria arizonae. Took a pair of birds at Santa Clara, Cal., the ♂ of which proved to be a typical specimen of this species. On comparison with a number of skins from Arizona and other localities, this bird was found to be a little darker than any and much darker than most of those from the type locality.


San Francisco, Cal.

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