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The Auk, Volume 96, Number 3 (1979)

3 (July)

A New Tody-Tyrant From Northern Peru. 443-447.
John W. Fitzpatrick, John P. O'Neill.
Nectar Loss by Golden-Winged Sunbirds to Competitors. 448-461.
Frank B. Gill, Larry L. Wolf.
Geographical Variation in Songs of California House Finches (Carpodacus Mexicanus). 462-474.
Erik Bitterbaum, Luis F. Baptista.
Notes on the Puna Avifauna of Az. 475-482.
Nicholas A. Roe, William E. Rees.
Notes and News. 482.
Evaluation of a Method for Estimating the Laying Rate of Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 483-488.
D. M. Scott, C. Davison Ankney.
An Assessment of Male Parental Investment and Pair Bonding in the Polygamous Superb Lyrebird. 489-498.
Alan Lill.
Seasonal Variation in Avian Community Structure: Differences in Mechanisms Regulating Diversity. 499-505.
J. T. Rotenberry, R. E. Fitzner, W. H. Rickard.
Vocal Dueling Among Male Marsh Wrens: Evidence for Ritualized Expressions of Dominance/Subordinance. 506-515.
Donald E. Kroodsma.
Sexual Segregation of Red-Billed Queleas (Quelea Quelea) in the Awash River Basin of Ethiopia. 516-524.
M. M. Jaeger, W. A. Erickson, M. E. Jaeger.
Allopreening in Owls: What Are its Functions?. 525-531.
Eric D. Forsman, Howard M. Wight.
Seasonal, Annual, and Geographic Variation in Sex Ratio of Wintering Populations of Dark-Eyed Juncos (Junco Hyemalis). 532-536.
Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr.
An Analysis of Breeding and Mortality in a Maturing Kittiwake Colony. 537-543.
Robert J. Kosinski, Richard H. Podolsky.
Blue-Phase Ross' Geese and Other Blue-Phase Geese in Western North America. 544-550.
M. Robert Mclandress, Ilse Mclandress.
Territory Size in Wintering Sanderlings: the Effects of Prey Abundance and Intruder Density. 551-561.
J. P. Myers, P. G. Connors, F. A. Pitelka.
Annual Productivity and its Measurement in a Multi-Brooded Passerine, the Eastern Bluebird. 562-572.
Benedict C. Pinkowski.
Reproductive Separation and Isolating Mechanisms Between Sympatric Dark- and Light-Phase Western Grebes. 573-586.
John T. Ratti.
Courtship and the Pair-Bond of Pileated Woodpeckers. 587-594.
Lawrence Kilham.
Erratum. 594.
Reviews. 632-648.


R. W. Schreiber's Review of the Sulidae: Gannets and Boobies. 649.
J. B. Nelson.

Short Communications

Two Apparent Hybrid Zonotrichia Sparrows. 595-599.
Robert B. Payne.
Extralimital Nesting of Bay-Breasted Warblers: Response to Forest Tent Caterpillars?. 600-603.
Spencer G. Sealy.
Belly-Soaking As a Thermoregulatory Mechanism in Nesting Killdeers. 604-606.
Bette J. Schardien, Jerome A. Jackson.
Helpers At the Nest in Passerines From Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. 606-608.
Rosendo M. Fraga.
Cleaning/Feeding Symbiosis Between Grackles (Quiscalus: Icteridae) and Map Turtles (Graptemys: Emydidae). 608-609.
Richard C. Vogt.
Notes on the Masked Saltator, Saltator Cinctus, in Peru. 610-613.
John P. O'Neill, Thomas S. Schulenberg.
Is Displacement a Sign of Female Dominance Or Only a Response to Close Following by Males Trying to Avoid Being Cuckolded?. 613-615.
Harry W. Power.
Status of the American Flamingo in the Dominican Republic and Eastern Haiti. 615-619.
James W. Wiley, Beth Nethery Wiley.
The Diet of the Barn Owl in Central Chile and its Relation to the Availability of Prey. 619-621.
Fabian M. Jaksic, Jos.
Short-Term Change in Vegetation Structure and its Effect on Grasshopper Sparrows in West Virginia. 621-625.
Robert C. Whitmore.
The Incubation Temperature of Leach's Storm-Petrel. 625-627.
Robert E. Ricklefs, Hermann Rahn.
Weather-Dependent Foraging of Great Blue Herons (Ardea Herodias). 628-630.
R. Russell Bovino, Edward H. Burtt, Jr.
Parental Behavior of a Replacement Male Dark-Eyed Junco. 630-631.
Thomas A. Allan.
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