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The Auk, Volume 96, Number 1 (1979)

1 (January)

Female-Female Pairing in Ring-Billed Gulls. 1-5.
John P. Ryder, Patricia Lynn Somppi.
Female-Female Pairs and Other Unusual Reproductive Associations in Ring-Billed and California Gulls. 6-9.
Michael R. Conover, Don E. Miller, George L. Hunt, Jr.
Patterns of Growth in Birds. V. a Comparative Study of Development in the Starling, Common Tern, and Japanese Quail. 10-30.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Notes and News. 30-218.
Individual Auditory Recognition in the Least Tern (Sterna Albifrons). 31-39.
Lynn J. Moseley.
Juvenile Dispersal and Development of Site-Fidelity in the Black-Capped Chickadee. 40-55.
Charles M. Weise, John R. Meyer.
Breeding Cycle and Behavior of the Semipalmated Sandpiper At Barrow, Alaska. 56-67.
Shoshana Ashkenazie, Uriel N. Safriel.
Does the Wing Molt Cause Nutritional Stress in Lesser Snow Geese?. 68-72.
C. Davison Ankney.
Practical Methods of Estimating Volume and Fresh Weight of Bird Eggs. 73-77.
Donald F. Hoyt.
Social Status Signaling in Winter Flocking Birds: An Examination of a Current Hypothesis. 78-93.
Martha Hatch Balph, David F. Balph, H. Charles Romesburg.
Status Signaling in Dark-Eyed Juncos. 94-99.
Ellen D. Ketterson.
Egg Temperatures of the Rockhopper Penguin and Some Other Penguins. 100-105.
A. E. Burger, A. J. Williams.
Testosterone and Daylength-Dependent Development of Comb Size and Breeding Plumage of Male Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus Lagopus Lagopus). 106-115.
Karl-Arne Stokkan.
Editor's Comments. 115.
Nestling Mortality and the Adaptive Significance of Early Locomotion in the Little Blue Heron. 116-130.
David F. Werschkul.
Territory Size and Composition in Relation to Resource Abundance in Lapland Longspurs Breeding in Arctic Alaska. 131-142.
T. R. Seastedt, S. F. Maclean.
Numbers and Habitat Selection of Cassin's Auklet Breeding on Triangle Island, British Columbia. 143-151.
Kees Vermeer, Rebecca A. Vermeer, Kenneth R. Summers, Raymond R. Billings.
Land Bird Densities on Baja California Islands. 152-167.
John T. Emlen.
Commentary. the Amateur in Ornithology. 168-171.
Harold F. Mayfield.
In Memoriam: Aretas Andrews Saunders. 172-178.
Joseph Brauner.
Brewster and Coues Awards, 1978. 212.
Reviews. 213-217.

Short Communications

The Status of Agelaius Forbesi Sclater. 179-183.
Lester L. Short, Kenneth C. Parkes.
Observations on Some Fruit-Eating Birds in Mexico. 183-186.
Gail E. Kantak.
Diet-Correlated Variations in Social Behavior of Wintering Tennessee Warblers. 186-187.
Elliot J. Tramer, Thomas R. Kemp.
Discovery of an Oilbird Colony in the Western Drainage of the Ecuadorian Andes. 187-189.
Fernando I. Ortiz-Crespo.
Caprimulgus Indicus, Eurynorhynchus Pygmeus, Otus Scops, and Limicola Falcinellus in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 189-190.
Robert H. Day, Eric P. Knudtson, Dennis W. Woolington, Robert P. Schulmeister.

Predators and Blackbirds: the Uncertainty Principle" in Field Biology". 190-192.

Sarah Lenington.
Permeability of Magpie and Blackbird Eggshells to Water Vapor: Variation Among and Within Nests of a Single Population. 192-195.
Paul R. Sotherland, Gary C. Packard, Theodore L. Taigen.
Food-Storing by Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers. 195.
Richard N. Conner, James C. Kroll.
Seasonality, Clutch Size, and Hatching Success in the Cedar Waxwing. 196-198.
Charles F. Leck, Frederic L. Cantor.
The Nest and Eggs of the Black-And-Yellow Silky-Flycatcher (Phainoptila Melanoxantha). 198-199.
Lloyd F. Kiff.
Molt Pattern As a Clue to San Blas Jay Ancestry. 200-201.
John William Hardy.
Great Horned Owl Predation on Leach's Storm-Petrels in Maine. 202.
Thomas W. French.
Colonial Nesting As an Anti-Predator Adaptation in the Gull-Billed Tern. 202-203.
Harold F. Sears.
A Nearly Synchronous Hatching of Barn Owls. 204.
Leonard J. Soucy, Jr.
Status of the Genus Phalacrocorax in Puerto Rico Including the First Records of P. Auritus. 204-206.
Herbert A. Raffaele.
Observations At a Nest of a Partial Albino Red-Headed Woodpecker. 206-207.
David T. Rogers, Jr., Jerome A. Jackson, Bette J. Schardien, Martha S. Rogers.
Density and Volume Corrections of Eggs of Seven Passerine Birds. 207-211.
T. H. Manning.
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