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North American Bird Bander, Volume 30, Number 3 (2005)

North American Bird Bander
3 (July-September)

White Pattern in the White-winged Form of the Dark-eyed Junco. 97-100.
L.M. Baylor
Winter Status of White-eyed Vireos in Northeastern Louisiana. 101-103.
Scott G. Somershoe, D.J. Twedt
Tufted Titmouse Dynasties in Illinois. 104-108.
L. Barrie Hunt
Breeding and Migrant Bird Use of a Riparian Woodland along the Platte River in Central Nebraska. 109-114.
Craig A. Davis
Bander Certification -- Why? 115.
Mary Doscher
Recent Literature. 121-124.
Books. 125.
Banders' Marketplace. 153-156.

News, Notes and Comments

Recommended Band Size for Inca Dove 116-118.
Manuel Grosselet, Georgita Ruiz Michael
Stainless Steel Bands 1A & 1D: Suggestions for Use 118.
Susan Craig
Addendum to the Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird Second Rectrix Paper in NABB 30(1):22 119.
Rita R. Colwell
Incidents of Woodpecker Toes Being Caught in Leg Bands 119-120.
Jeanine M. Refsnider, Ron L. Refsnider, Siah St. Clair
Errata to "Turkey Vulture Making History" in NABB 30:59 120.

Eastern Regional News

President's Message 126.
Betsy Brooks
Highlights of 82nd Annual Meeting - 15-17 Apr 2005 126-128.
AFR Region 1 (Northeast) - Fall 2004 Report 128-132.
Peter H. Homann

Inland Regional News

Springville Marsh State Nature Preserve Bird Banding -- Avian Research Project -- 2004 Summary of Data 132-133.
H. Thomas Bartlett
Kelley's Island, Ohio Bird Banding -- Avian Research Project -- 2004 Summary of Data 133-134.
H. Thomas Bartlett
Summary of IBBA Bandings for 2004 134-141.

Western Regional News

Report of Birds Banded in 2004 142-152.
Christopher D. Otahal

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