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The Northern Goshawk: A Technical Assessment of its Status, Ecology, and Management

Michael L. Morrison
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Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, v–vi
Foreward: Putting Studies of North American Goshawks in Context, 1-4
Robert E. Kenward


Introduction: Toward a Better Understanding of the Northern Goshawk, 5-7
Michael L. Morrison
Northern Goshawk Ecology: An Assessment of Current Knowledge and Information Needs for Conservation and Management, 8-62
John R. Squires, Patricia L. Kennedy

Section I: Regional

Demography of Northern Goshawks in Northern Arizona, 1991-1996, 63-74
Richard T. Reynolds, Suzanne M. Joy
Ecology and Habitat of Breeding Northern Goshawks in the Inland Pacific Northwest: A Summary of Research in the 1990s, 75-84
Stephen DeStefano, Michael T. McGrath, Sonya K. Daw, Steven M. Desimone
Prey and Weather Factors Associate with Temporal Variation in Northern Goshawk Reproduction in the Sierra Nevada, California, 85-99
John J. Keane, Michael L. Morrison, D. Michael Fry
Occupancy, Productivity, Turnover, and Dispersal of Northern Goshawks in Portions of the Northeastern Great Basin, 100-108
Marc J. Bechard, Graham D. Fairhurst, Gregory S. Kaltenecker
Ecology of the Northern Goshawk in the New York-New Jersey Highlands, 109-118
Thomas Bosakowski, Dwight G. Smith
Habitat, Food Habits, and Productivity of Northern Goshawks Nesting in Connecticut, 119-125
Trevor E. Becker, Dwight G. Smith, Thomas Bosakowski
Northern Goshawk Ecology in the Western Great Lakes Region, 126-134
Clint W. Boal, David E. Andersen, Patricia L. Kennedy, Aimee M. Roberson
Goshawks in Canada: Population Responses to Harvesting and the Appropriateness of Using Standard Bird Monitoring Techniques to Assess Their Status, 135-140
Frank I. Doyle
Ecology of the Northern Goshawk in Fennoscandia, 141-157
Risto Tornberg, Erkki Korpimäki, Patrik Byholm
Population Limitation in the Northern Goshawk in Europe: A Review with Case Studies, 158-197
Christian Rutz, Rob G. Bijlsma, Mick Marquiss, Robert E. Kenward

Section II: Ecology

Northern Goshawk Food Habits and Goshawk Prey Species Habitats, 198-218
Joseph E. Drennan
Diet, Prey Delivery Rates, and Prey Biomass of Northern Goshawks in East-Central Arizona, 219-227
Andi S. Rogers, Stephen DeStefano, Michael F. Ingraldi
Winter Movement and Habitat Use of Goshawks Breeding in Utah, 228-238
Jared Underwood, Clayton M. White, Ronald Rodriguez
Satellite Telemetry of Northern Goshawks Breeding in Utah - I. Annual Movements, 239-251
Sarah A. Sonsthagen, Ronald Rodriguez, Clayton M. White
Satellite Telemetry of Northern Goshawks Breeding in Utah - II. Annual Habitats, 252-259
Sarah A. Sonsthagen, Ronald Rodriguez, Clayton M. White
A Review and Evaluation of Factors Limiting Northern Goshawk Populations, 260-273
Richard T. Reynolds, J. David Wiens, Susan R. Salafsky

Section III: Management

A Design for Monitoring Northern Goshawks at the Bioregional Scale, 274-287
Christina D. Hargis, Brian Woodbridge
Resource Selection Function Models as Tools for Regional Conservation Planning for Northern Goshawk in Utah, 288-298
Carlos Carroll, Ronald L. Rodriguez, Clinton McCarthy, Kathleen M. Paulin
A Ecosystem-Based Conservation Strategy for the Northern Goshawk, 299-311
Richard T. Reynolds, Russell T. Graham, Douglas A. Boyce, Jr.
Goshawk Status and Management: What Do We Know, What Have We Done, Where Are We Going, 312-325
Douglas A. Boyce, Jr., Richard T. Reynolds, Russell T. Graham

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