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Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Birds in Western Landscapes: Contrasts with Paradigms from the Eastern United States

T. Luke George, and David S. Dobkin
Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, 1-2
Preface, 3
David S. Dobkin, T. Luke George
Introduction: Habitat Fragmentation and Western Birds, 4-7
T. Luke George, David S. Dobkin
A Multi-Scale Perspective of the Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Birds in Eastern Forests, 8-19
Frank R. Thompson, III, Therese M. Donovan, Richard M. DeGraaf, John Faaborg, Scott K. Robinson
What Is Habitat Fragmentation?, 20-29
Alan B. Franklin, Barry R. Noon, T. Luke George
Habitat Edges and Avian Ecology - Geographic Patterns and Insights for Western Landsapes, 30-48
Thomas D. Sisk, James Battin
Effects of Fire and Post-Fire Salvage Logging on Avian Communities in Conifer-Dominated Forests of the Western United States, 49-64
Natahsa B. Kotliar, Sallie J. Hejl, Richard L. Hutto, Victoria A. Saab, Cynthia P. Melcher, Mary E. McFadzen
Geographic Variation in Cowbird Distribution, Abundance, and Parasitism, 65-72
Michael L. Morrison, D. Caldwell Hahn
Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Brood Parasitism and Nest Predation in Eastern and Western Landscapes, 73-80
John F. Cavitt, Thomas E. Martin
Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Tanager and Thrush Species in Eastern and Western North America, 81-91
Ralph S. Hames, Kenneth V. Rosenburg, James D. Lowe, Sara E. Barker, Andre A. Dhondt
The Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Birds in Coast Redwood Forests, 92-102
T. Luke George, L. Arriana Brand
Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Birds in the Coastal Coniferous Forests of the Pacific Northwest, 103-112
David A. Manuwal, Naomi J. Manuwal
Birds and Changing Landscape Patterns in Conifer Forests of the North-Central Rocky Mountains, 113-119
Sallie J. Hejl, Diane Evans Mack, Jock S. Young, James C. Bednarz, Richard L. Hutto
Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Passerine Birds Breeding in Intermountain Shrubsteppe, 130-140
Steven T. Knick, John T. Rotenberry
Habitat Fragmentation Effects on Birds in Southern California: Contrast to the Top-Down Paradigm, 141-157
Douglas T. Bolger
Effects of Anthropogenic Fragmentation and Livestock Grazing on Western Riparian Bird Communities, 158-202
Joshua J. Tewksbury, Anne E. Black, Nadav Nur, Victoria A. Saab, Brian D. Logan, David S. Dobkin
Spotted Owls, Forest Fragmentation, and Forest Heterogeneity, 203-220
Alan B. Franklin, R. J. Gutierrez
Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Populations of the Marbled Murrelet, 221-235
Martin G. Raphael, Diane Evans Mack, John M. Marzluff, John M. Luginbuhl
Literature Cited, 236-270
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