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SORA Contributor Guidelines

How to Prepare Content for Publication on SORA

The following guidelines detail how new ornithological journal and monographic content should be prepared for submission to the SORA repository. Please also see the submission template at the bottom of this page. SORA enables users to search for articles, view publication details, and download a PDF copy of the article text. Our goal is for all articles to be full-text searchable but we need the help of our partners to make this a reality.

A long-term goal is to present the full text of articles within the web interface, so that PDF downloading is optional.

UNM staff and graduate fellows can process and upload materials as time permits; if you would like to manage your own publication on SORA, please contact and we can set up a publisher account for you.

Preparation of Data Files for Submission to SORA

Minimum requirements

One PDF file for each journal issue (2 MB maximum size) via email or Dropbox


  • One PDF file for each journal article via email or Dropbox (2 MB max).
  • One PDF file each for front matter (issue cover up to the first page of the first article or feature) and back matter (all pages after the end of the last article or feature) if applicable.
  • Completed Excel spreadsheet (download template below). Required fields are marked in red. Completion of all fields enhances discovery and usability of your articles.

New content processing and ingestion into SORA can take 1-4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the content submission.

Once your submission files are ready, email your files to or share your Dropbox folder with DISC.

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