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SORA Contributor Guidelines

How to Prepare Content for Publication on SORA

The following guidelines detail how new ornithological journal and monographic content should be prepared for submission to the SORA repository. Please also see the attached submission guide and metadata template at the bottom of the page. SORA enables users to search the full text of Ornithological articles, view each article’s publication details, and download a PDF copy of the article text. These features are fully enabled for all SORA articles and monographs.

An additional feature that is not yet widely implemented by journal contributors on SORA is the ability of users to read the full text of articles online, so that PDF downloading is optional, but not necessary. It is the long term goal of the SORA team to eventually update all articles in the SORA repository so they can be read online in their entirety.

At present, it is necessary that new article and monograph data be formatted and submitted to the UNM Libraries SORA team by email or file transfer for ingestion into the SORA repository. A self-service upload and ingest process is in the works and will be available soon.

To submit new content for publication in SORA, please follow these steps:

Preparation of Data Files for Submission to SORA

The UNM Libraries SORA Team requires the following items to be submitted in order to add new journal or monographic content to SORA:

  1. A publication details Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file that lists each issue, article or monograph to be ingested into SORA. The CSV file must be formatted in accordance with the specifications table below. An Excel spreadsheet template (New Content Submission Template) that provides column and formatting examples is also available with this document to serve as a guide for constructing a publication details CSV file.
  2. One PDF file for each individual article, note or monograph submitted. See the PDF specifications below.

Once your submission files are ready, email the SORA team ( at the UNM Libraries to arrange to have the submission files transferred to UNM.

New content processing and ingestion into SORA will take between 1-4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the content submission.

Data Files Specifications

  1. Publication Details CSV File (required)
    1. Use the accompanying Excel template (New Content Submission Template) as a guide for constructing your publication details CSV file.
    2. In the CSV file, enter one row for each Issue and Article to be added.
    3. Save the CSV file with Unicode Encoding if possible.
    4. Choose whether you will be submitting raw OCR text (using the TextRaw field) or cleaned, corrected text (using the TextClean field) – raw text is used for full-text indexing; cleaned text is used for both full-text indexing and online article viewing.
    5. Please refer to the table below for specific data formatting requirements:
  2. Scanned Articles/Monographs in PDF format (required)
    1. Save each article listed in the table of contents of each issue submitted as an individual PDF file.
    2. Also save separate scans of the front matter (Issue cover up to the first page of the first article or feature) and the back matter (all pages after the end of the last article or feature) and save them as separate files labeled “front.pdf,” and “back.pdf”.
  3. If possible, save PDF files in PDF/A format (specifically use PDF/A-2b when possible). For more information about the PDF/A format, see the PDF/A Competence Center at

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