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The Northern Goshawk: Ecology and Management

M. Hildegard Reiser, Michael L. Morrison, and William M. Block
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Studies in Avian Biology
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Symposium Overview

Symposium Overview: Introduction, 1-2
William M. Block, Michael L. Morrison, M. Hildegard Reiser

Research Approaches and Management Concepts

Northern Goshawk Ecology Effects of Scale and Levels of Biological Organization, 3-11
John J. Keane, Michael L. Morrison
Sustaining Forest Habitat for the Northern Goshawk: A Question of Scale, 12-17
Russell T. Graham, Richard T. Reynolds, M. Hildegard Reiser, Richard L. Bassett, Douglas A. Boyce
Assessment of Goshawk Nest Area Habitat Using Stand Density Index, 18-23
Robert J. Lilieholm, James N. Long, Susan Patla
Northern Goshawk Broadcast Surveys Hawk Response Variables and Survey Cost, 24-30
Suzanne M. Joy, Richard T. Reynolds, Douglas G. Leslie
A Photographic and Behavioral Guide to Aging Nesting Northern Goshawks, 32-40
Clint W. Boal
Influence of Site Quality and Stand Density on Goshawk Habitat in Southwestern Forests, 41-45
Richard L. Bassett, Douglas A. Boyce, Jr., M. Hildegard Reiser, Russell T. Graham, Richard T. Reynolds

Resource Ecology

Macrohabitat Selection by Nesting Northern Goshawks: Implications for Managing Eastern Forests, 46-49
Thomas Bosakowski, Robert Speiser
Large-Area Goshawk Habitat Modeling in Dixie National Forest Using Vegetation and Elevation Data, 50-57
Carl Johansson, Perry J. Hardin, Clayton M. White
Habitat Use by Breeding Male Northern Goshawks in Northern Arizona, 58-65
Donald J. Bright-Smith, R. William Mannan
Home Ranges and Habitats of Northern Goshawks in Eastern California, 66-74
Christina D. Hargis, Clinton McCarthy, Richard D. Perloff
Post-Fledging Areas in Northern Goshawk Home Ranges, 75-82
Patricia L. Kennedy, Johanna M. Ward, George A. Rinker, James A. Gessaman
Territory Occupancy and Habitat Patch Size of Northern Goshawks in the Southern Cascades of California, 83-87
Brian Woodbridge, Philip J. Detrich
Density and Productivity of Northern Goshawks: Implications for Monitoring and Management, 88-91
Stephen DeStefano, Sonya K. Daw, Steven M. Desimone, E. Charles Meslow
Nesting Habitat of Accipiter Hawks Is Body Size a Consistent Predictor of Nest Habitat Characteristics?, 92-96
Melissa S. Sider, Patricia L. Kennedy
Northern Goshawk Diets in Ponderosa Pine Forests on the Kaibab Plateau, 97-102
Clint W. Boal, R. William Mannan

Population Ecology

Breeding Biology of Northern Goshawks in Northeastern Oregon, 103-105
Evelyn L. Bull, Janet H. Hohmann
Nest Productivity, Fidelity, and Spacing of Northern Goshawks in Arizona, 106-113
Richard T. Reynolds, Suzanne M. Joy, Douglas G. Leslie
Approaches to Investigating Food Limitation Hypotheses in Raptor Populations: An Example Using the Northern Goshawk, 114-118
Johanna M. Ward, Patricia L. Kennedy
Breeding Ecology of the Northern Goshawk in High-Elevation Apsen Forests of Northern Nevada, 119-121
James V. Younk, Marc J. Bechard
Population Responses of Northern Goshawks to the 10-Year Cycle in Numbers of Snowshoe Hares, 122-129
Frank I. Doyle, James M. N. Smith
Territory Fidelity, Mate Fidelity, and Movements of Color-Marked Northern Goshawks in the Southern Cascades of California, 130-132
Phillip J. Detrich, Brian Woodbridge
Survival of Northern Goshawks in the Southern Cascades of California, 133-136
Stephen DeStefano, Brian Woodbridge, Phillip J. Detrich
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