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A Century of Avifaunal Change in Western North America

Joseph R. Jehl Jr., and Ned K. Johnson
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Studies in Avian Biology
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Symposium Overview

Symposium Overview: A Century of Avifaunal Change in Western North America, 1-3
Ned K. Johnson, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.

Regional Avifaunal Change

A Century of Avifaunal Change in Alaska, 4-13
Brina Kessel, Daniel D. Gibson
The Unlikely 18th Century Naturalists of Hudson's Bay, 14-26
C. Stuart Houston
Pioneering and Natural Expansion of Breeding Distributions in Western North American Birds, 27-44
Ned K. Johnson
Avifauna of the Wetlands of Baja California Mexico Current Status, 45-57
Barbara W. Massey, Eduardo Palacios
Trends in Nocturnal Migrant Landbird Populations at Southeast Farallon Island, California, 1968-1992, 58-74
Peter Pyle, Nadav Nur, David F. DeSante
Avifaunal Change on California's Coastal Islands, 75-90
Dennis M. Power
A Chronology of Ornithological Exploration in the Hawaiian Islands from Cook to Perkins, 91-102
Storrs L. Olson, Helen F. James
Avifaunal Change in the Hawaiian Islands, 1893-1993, 103-118
H. Douglas Pratt

Population Trends

Seabird Population Trends Along the West Coast of North America: Causes and the Extent of Regional Concordance, 119-133
David G. Ainley, William J. Sydeman, Scott A. Hatch, Ulrich W. Wilson
A Century of Population Trends of Waterfowl in Western North America, 134-146
Richard C. Banks, Paul F. Springer
Shorebirds in Western North America Late 1800s to Late 1900s, 147-160
Gary W. Page, Robert E. Gill, Jr.
Population Trends and Current Status of Selected Western Raptors, 161-172
Clayton M. White
Population Trends in the Landbirds of Western North America, 173-190
David F. DeSante, T. Luke George
Changes in Distribution Patterns of Select Wintering North American Birds from 1901 to 1989, 191-201
Terry L. Root, Jason D. Weckstein
Historical Changes in Populations and Perceptions of Native Pest Bird Species in the West, 202-220
John M. Marzluff, Randall B. Boone, George W. Cox
Population Trends of Introduced Birds in Western North America, 221-231
Richard F. Johnson, Kimball L. Garrett

The Effects of Human-Induced Environmental Change on Avian Populations

Human-Induced Changes in Bird Populations in Coniferious Forests in Western North America During the Past 100 Years, 232-246
Sallie J. Hejl
Avian Assemblages on Altered Grasslands, 247-257
Fritz L. Knopf
Changes in Saline and Alkaline Lake Avifaunas in Western North America in the Past 150 Years, 258-272
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
The Effects of Human-Induced Changes on the Avifauna of Western Riparian Habitats, 273-285
Robert D. Ohmart

Case Histories

Evidence of Changes in Populations of the Marbled Murrelet in the Pacific Northwest, 286-292
C. John Ralph
Changes in the Distribution and Abundance of Spotted Owls During the Past Century, 293-300
R. J. Gutierrez
The Cowbird's Invasion of the Far West: History, Causes and Consequences Experienced by Host Species, 301-315
Stephen I. Rothstein
Endemic Song Sparrows and Yellowthroats of San Francisco Bay, 316-327
Joe T. Marshall, Kent G. Dedrick
Endangered Small Landbirds of the Western United States, 328-329
Jonathan L. Atwood


Preserving and Restoring Avian Diversity: A Search for Solutions, 340-348
J. Michael Scott
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