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The Auk, Volume 118, Number 4 (2001)

4 (October)



Perspectives in Ornithology

It Takes guts "and more" to Eat Fruit: Lessons from Avian Nutritional Ecology. 819-831.
Douglas J. Levey, Carlos Martinez Del Rio


Do We Know What We Think We Know About Winter Ranges of Migrants to South America? The Case of the Veery "Catharus Fuscescens". 832-837.
Philip C. Stouffer


True Winter Range of the Veery "Catharus Fuscescens": Lessons For Determining Winter Ranges of Species That Winter in the Tropics. 838-848.
J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Phylogeny and Systematics of Ground Rollers "Brachypteraciidae" of Madagascar. 849-863.
Jeremy J. Kirchman, Shannon J. Hackett, Steven M. Goodman, John M. Bates
Reproductive Success of Forest-Dependent Songbirds Near An Agricultural Corridor in South-Central Indiana. 864-873.
Thomas B. Ford, Donald E. Winslow, Donald R. Whitehead, Matthew A. Koukol
A Molecular Phylogeny of the Dove Genera Streptopelia and Columba. 874-887.
Kevin P. Johnson, Selvino De Kort, Karen Dinwoodey, A. C. Mateman, Carel Ten Cate, C. M. Lessells, Dale H. Clayton
Site Fidelity, Philopatry, and Survival of Promiscuous Saltmarsh Sharp-Tailed Sparrows in Rhode Island. 888-899.
Deborah A. Diquinzio, Peter W. C. Paton, William R. Eddleman
Carotenoid Pigments in Male House Finch Plumage in Relation to Age, Subspecies, and Ornamental Coloration. 900-915.
Caron Y. Inouye, Geoffrey E. Hill, Riccardo D. Stradi, Robert Montgomerie
Energetics of Toucans, a Barbet, and a Hornbill: Implications For Avian Frugivory. 916-933.
Brian K. McNab
Does Kleptoparasitism by Glaucous-Winged Gulls Limit the Reproductive Success of Tufted Puffins?. 934-943.
Colleen Cassady St. Clair, Robert C. St. Clair, Tony D. Williams
Prefledging Energy Requirements in Shorebirds: Energetic Implications of Selffeeding Precocial Development. 944-957.
Hans Schekkerman, G. Henk Visser
Geographical Variation in the Contact Calls of Orange-Fronted Parakeets. 958-972.
Jack W. Bradbury, Kathryn A. Cortopassi, Janine R. Clemmons
How Many Baskets? Clutch Sizes That Maximize Annual Fecundity of Multiple-Brooded Birds. 973-982.
George L. Farnsworth, Theodore R. Simons
Growth and Development of Homeothermy in Nestling European Shags "Phalacrocorax Aristotelis". 983-995.
Jan Eivind Oestnes, Bjoern Munro Jenssen, Claus Bech
Age at First Breeding and Natal Dispersal in a Declining Population of Cassin's Auklet. 996-1007.
Peter Pyle
Stable-Isotope Analysis of Canvasback Winter Diet in Upper Chesapeake Bay. 1008-1017.
G. Michael Haramis, Dennis G. Jorde, Stephen A. Macko, Jane L. Walker
Avian Nesting Success in Forested Landscapes: Influence of Landscape Composition, Stand and Nest-Patch Microhabitat, and Biotic Interactions. 1018-1028.
Amanda D. Rodewald, Richard H. Yahner

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Bernt H. O. F. Løppenthin, 1904-1994. 1029-1029.
Niels Otto Preuss
In Memoriam: George B. Saunders, 1907-2001. 1030-1031.
Henry M. Reeves
In Memoriam: Lawrence Kilham, 1910-2000. 1031-1033.
Jerome A. Jackson
In Memoriam: Phillips B. Street, 1914-2000. 1033-1034.
Jerome A. Jackson
In Memoriam: Charles Hartshorne, 1897-2000. 1034-1035.
Alexander F. Skutch

Short Communications

Intraspecific Variation in Commuting Distance of Marbled Murrelets "Brachyramphus marmoratus": Ecological and Energetic Consequences of Nesting Further Inland. 1036-1046.
Cindy L. Hull, Gary W. Kaiser, Cecilia Lougheed, Lynn Lougheed, Sean Boyd, Fred Cooke
Nest Defense as Parental Care in the Northern Hobby "Falco subbuteo". 1047-1052.
Fabrizio Sergio, Giuseppe Bogliani
Do Golden-cheeked Warblers Select Nest Locations on the Basis of Patch Vegetation?. 1052-1057.
Donald C. Dearborn, Laura L. Sanchez
Timing of Mineral Sequestration in Leg Bones of White-tailed Ptarmigan. 1057-1062.
James R. Larison, J. G. Crock, Christine M. Snow
Experimental Support for a New Drift Block Design to Assess Seabird Mortality from Oil Pollution. 1062-1068.
Francis K. Wiese, Ian L. Jones
Nest-attenders in the Pied Flycatcher "Ficedula hypoleuca" During Nestling Rearing: a Possible Case of Prospective Resource Exploration. 1069-1072.
Ulf Ottosson, Johan Baeckman, Henrik G. Smith
Copulatory Behavior of American Avocets and Black-necked Stilts. 1072-1076.
Tex A. Sordahl
Fitness-related Consequences of Relaying in an Arctic Seabird: Survival of Offspring to Recruitment Age. 1076-1080.
J. Mark Hipfner
Protein Requirements of a Specialized Frugivore, Pesquet's Parrot "Psittrichas fulgidus". 1080-1088.
Gregory S. Pryor, Douglas J. Levey, Ellen S. Dierenfeld
Large-Scale Variation in Growth of Black Brant Goslings Related to Food Availability. 1088-1095.
James S. Sedinger, Mark P. Herzog, Brian T. Person, Morgan T. Kirk, Tim Obritchkewitch, Philip P. Martin, Alice A. Stickney
Bounce and Double Trill Songs of Male and Female Western Screech-Owls: Characterization and Usefulness for Classification of Sex. 1095-1101.
Brian L. Herting, James R. Belthoff
Is Diet-Shifting Facilitated by Modulation of Pancreatic Enzymes? Test of an Adaptational Hypothesis in Yellow-rumped Warblers. 1101-1107.
M. Eugenia Ciminari, Daniel Afik, William H. Karasov, Enrique Caviedes-Vidal


Schweizer Brutvogelatlas. Atlas des Oiseaux Nicheurs de Suisse. Verbreitung der Brutvoegel in der Schweiz und im Foerstentum Liechtenstein 1993-1996. Distribution des Oiseaux Nicheurs en Suisse et au Liechtenstein en 1993-1996. 1108-1110.
Francois Vuilleumier
Avian Research at the Savannah River Site: a Model for Integrating Basic Research and Longterm Management. 1110-1112.
Reed Bowman
Threatened Birds of the World. 1112-1113.
Daniel Simberloff
Birds of the Southwest: Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and Southern Nevada. 1113-1114.
Timothy Brush
Birds of the World: a Checklist "5th edition". 1114-1115.
P. William Smith
The Status of Marine Birds Breeding in the Barents Sea Region. 1115-1117.
John W. Chardine
Pigeons and Doves: a Guide to the Pigeons and Doves of the World. 1117-1118.
David W. Steadman
Models of Adaptive Behaviour: An Approach Based on State. 1118-1120.
Raymond J. O'Connor
100 Years Ago in the American Ornithologists' Union. 1121-1121.
Reviewers for the Auk, 2001. 1122-1123.
Index to Volume 118. 1124-1140.

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