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The Auk, Volume 118, Number 3 (2001)

3 (July)


Perspectives in Ornithology

Current Bird Conservation Issues in Africa. 575-582.
Thomas Brooks, Hazell Shokellu Thompson


Long-Term Research and the Dynamics of Bird Populations and Communities. 583-588.
Scott L. Collins


Thirty-Year Bird Population Trends in an Unfragmented Temperate Deciduous Forest: Importance of Habitat Change. 589-609.
Richard T. Holmes, Thomas W. Sherry
A Cytochrome-B Perspective on Passerina Bunting Relationships. 611-623.
John Klicka, Adam J. Fry, Robert M. Zink, Christopher W. Thompson
Age and Reproduction in Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers "Dendrocopos Minor". 624-635.
Ulf Wiktander, Ola Olsson, Sven G. Nilsson
Colony and Population Dynamics of Black-Legged Kittiwakes in a Heterogeneous Environment. 636-649.
Robert M. Suryan, David B. Irons
Factors Governing the Distribution of Swainson's Warbler along a Hydrological Gradient in Great Dismal Swamp. 650-664.
Gary R. Graves
Comparative Fuel Use of Migrating Passerines: Effects of Fat Stores, Migration Distance, and Diet. 665-677.
Leonard Z. Gannes
Response of Passerine Birds to Forest Edge in Coast Redwood Forest Fragments. 678-686.
L. Arriana Brand, T. Luke George
Composition of Eggs and Neonates of Canada Geese and Lesser Snow Geese. 687-697.
Shannon S. Badzinski, C. Davison Ankney, James O. Leafloor, Kenneth F. Abrahams
Low Initial Refueling Rate At Stopover Sites: a Methodological Effect?. 698-708.
Regine Schwilch, Lukas Jenni
Activity Patterns and Effect of Ticks on Growth and Survival of Tropical Roseate Tern Nestlings. 709-716.
Jaime A. Ramos, John Bowler, Laura Davis, Sarah Venis, John Quinn, Carole Middleton
Effect of Conspecific Brood Parasitism on Host Fitness for Tufted Duck and Common Pochard. 717-726.
Bruce D. Dugger, Peter Blums
Territory and Nest-Site Selection of Cerulean Warblers in Eastern Ontario. 727-735.
Jason Jones, Raleigh J. Robertson

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: William B. Robertson, Jr., 1924-2000. 740-742.
Glen E. Woolfenden

Short Communications

Within-Season Nest-Site Fidelity in Eastern Bluebirds: Disentangling Effects of Nest Success and Parasite Avoidance. 743-745.
Mark T. Stanback, Anne A. Dervan
Sex-Related Differences in Habitat Use in Wintering American Kestrels. 746-750.
Daniel R. Ardia, Keith L. Bildstein
Female Hematozoan Infection Reduces Hatching Success but not Fledging Success in Pied Flycatchers Ficedula Hypoleuca. 750-755.
Juan J. Sanz, Elena Arriero, Juan Moreno, Santiago Merino
Diving Depths of Shearwaters. 755-759.
Alan E. Burger
Visual Signals for Individual Identification: the Silent "Song" of Ruffs. 759-765.
David B. Lank, James Dale
Frequency of Egg and Nestling Destruction by Female Brown-Headed Cowbirds At Grassland Nests. 765-769.
Diane A. Granfors, Pamela J. Pietz, Lisa A. Joyal
Nest Desertion by Field Sparrows and Its Possible Influence on the Evolution of Cowbird Behavior. 770-776.
Bill M. Strausberger, Dirk E. Burhans
Regional Variation in Response of Field Sparrows to the Threat of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism. 776-780.
Dirk E. Burhans, Bill M. Strausberger, Michael D. Careys
Standard and Comparative Energetics of a Small Avian Herbivore "Phytotoma Rara". 781-785.
Enrico L. Rezende, M. Victoria Lopez-Calleja, Francisco Bozinovic
Function and Temporal Variation in Use of Ossuaries by Bearded Vultures "Gypaetus Barbatus" During the Nestling Period. 785-789.
Antoni Margalida, Joan Bertran
Individual and Seasonal Variation in External Genitalia of Male Tree Swallows. 789-795.
Michael P. Lombardo
Observational Learning in Hummingbirds. 795-799.
Douglas L. Altshuler, Andrea M. Nunn
Phylogenetic Utility of Avian Ovomucoid Intron G: a Comparison of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Phylogenies in Galliformes. 799-804.
Margaret H. Armstrong, Edward L. Braun, Rebecca T. Kimball


Erwin Stresemann "1889-1972".—Leben Und Werk Eines Pioniers Der Wissenschaftlichen Ornithologie. 805-806.
Walter J. Bock
Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Birds of the Western Hemisphere. 806-808.
Eric K. Bollinger
The Birds of Pennsylvania. 808-810.
Douglas A. Gross
Owls: a Guide to the Owls of the World. 810-812.
Jeffrey S. Marks, George F. Barrowclough
A Manual for Wildlife Radio Tagging. 812-815.
Joshua J. Millspaugh
A Thesaurus of Bird Names: Etymology of European Lexis Through Paradigms. 815-816.
Storrs L. Olson
Albatrosses. 816-816.
Tony D. Williams
100 Years Ago in the American Ornithologists' Union. 817-817.


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