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The Auk, Volume 118, Number 2 (2001)

2 (April)


Perspectives in Ornithology

Advances in Avian Behavioral Endocrinology. 283-289.
Barney A. Schlinger, Kiran K. Soma, Colin Saldanha


Disease Emergence in Birds: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century. 290-303.
Milton Friend, Robert G. Mclean, F. Joshua Dein


Bird Assemblages in Second-Growth and Old-Growth Forests, Costa Rica: Perspectives from Mist Nets and Point Counts. 304-326.
John G. Blake, Bette A. Loiselle
Dynamics of Conjunctivitis and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Infections in House Finches. 327-333.
Barry K. Hartup, Jean M. Bickal, Andre A. Dhondt, David H. Ley, George V. Kollias
A New Species of Tody-Tyrant "Tyrannidae: Poecilotriccus" from Northern Peru. 334-341.
Ned K. Johnson, Robert E. Jones
Long-Term Study of Apparent Survival in Pacific Golden-Plovers at a Wintering Ground on Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. 342-351.
Oscar W. Johnson, Phillip L. Bruner, Jay J. Rotella, Patricia M. Johnson, Andrea E. Bruner
Effects of Supplemental Food on Parental-Care Strategies and Juvenile Survival of Northern Goshawks. 352-365.
Sarah R. Dewey, Patricia L. Kennedy
Geographic Variation in the Song of Willow Flycatchers: Differentiation Between Empidonax Traillii Adastus and E. T. Extimus. 366-379.
James A. Sedgwick
Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Pairing Success of Ovenbirds: Importance of Male Age and Floater Behavior. 380-388.
Erin M. Bayne, Keith A. Hobson
Bird Migration Through a Mountain Pass Studied With High Resolution Radar, Ceilometers, and Census. 389-403.
Timothy C. Williams, Janet M. Williams, Peter G. Williams, Paul Stokstad
Lek-Like Mating System of the Monogamous Blue-Black Grassquit. 404-411.
Juliana B. Almeida, Regina H. Macedo
Microclimate of Tree Cavity Nests: Is It Important for Reproductive Success in Northern Flickers?. 412-421.
Karen L. Wiebe
Reclaimed Coal Mine Grasslands and Their Significance for Henslow's Sparrows in the American Midwest. 422-431.
Robb A. Bajema, Travis L. Devault, Peter E. Scott, Steven L. Lima
Avian Responses to Restoration: Nest-Site Selection and Reproductive Success in Song Sparrows. 432-442.
Brenda Larison, Stephen A. Laymon, Pamela L. Williams, Thomas B. Smith
Bird Diversity Components in Australian Eucalyptus and North-Temperate Quercus Woodlands. 443-456.
Martin L. Cody
Geographic Variation, Hybridization, and the Leapfrog Pattern of Evolution in the Suiriri Flycatcher "Suiriri Suiriri" Complex. 457-471.
Floyd E. Hayes
Avifauna of a Lowland Forest Site on Isabel, Solomon Islands. 472-483.
Andrew W. Kratter, David W. Steadman, Catherine E. Smith, Christopher E. Filardi, Horace P. Webb
Foraging Strategies and Niche Dynamics of Coexisting Shorebirds at Stopover Sites in the Southern Great Plains. 484-495.
Craig A. Davis, Loren M. Smith

In Memorium

In Memoriam: Luis Felipe Baptista, 1941-2000. 496-499.
Sandra L. L. Gaunt, Barbara B. Dewolfe

Short Communications

Estimating Repeatability of Egg Size. 500-503.
Paul L. Flint, Robert F. Rockwell, James S. Sedinger
Effect of Investigator Disturbance on Nest Attendance and Egg Predation in Eurasian Oystercatchers. 503-508.
Nanette Verboven, Bruno J. Ens, Sharon Dechesne
Nocturnal Activities of Post-Breeding Wood Storks. 508-513.
A. Larry Bryan, Jr., Joel W. Snodgrass, John R. Robinette, James L. Daly, I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr.
Timing of Breeding Range Occupancy Among High-Latitude Passerine Migrants. 513-519.
Anna-Marie Benson, Kevin Winker
Growth Rate and Energetics of Arabian Babbler "Turdoides Squamiceps" Nestlings. 519-524.
Avner Anava, Michael Kam, Amiram Shkolnik, A. Allan Degen
Does Group Size Affect Field Metabolic Rate of Arabian Babbler "Turdoides Squamiceps" Nestlings?. 525-528.
Avner Anava, Michael Kam, Amiram Shkolnik, A. Allan Degen
Diving Depths of Northern Gannets: Acoustic Observations of Sula Bassana from an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. 529-534.
Andrew S. Brierley, Paul G. Fernandesz
Factors Affecting Reed Warbler Risk of Brood Parasitism by the Common Cuckoo. 534-538.
Alice L. Clarke, Ingar J. Oeien, Marcel Honza, Arne Moksnes, Eivin Roeskaft
Latitudinal Variation in Female Local Return Rate in the Philopatric Pied Flycatcher "Ficedula Hypoleuca". 539-543.
Juan Jose Sanz
Territorial Movements of Black-Throated Blue Warblers in a Landscape Fragmented by Forestry. 544-549.
Rebecca J. Harris, J. Michael Reed
Body-Mass Changes in Female Collared Flycatchers: State-Dependent Strategy. 550-552.
Mariusz Cichon
Sexual Size Dimorphism and Positive Assortative Mating in Alpine Choughs "Pyrrhocorax Graculus". 553-556.
Anne Delestrade


Habitat Selection Studies in Avian Ecology: a Critical Review. 557-562.
Jason Jones
Erratum. 563-563.
Per G. P. Ericson


Stopover Ecology of Nearctic-Neotropical Landbird Migrants: Habitat Relations and Conservation Implications. Studies in Avian Biology, No. 20.. 564-565.
Jeffrey D. Brawn
Ecology and Evolution of Darwin's Finches. 565-566.
Rand-All Breitwisch
Untangling Ecological Complexity: the Macroscopic Perspective. 566-568.
Philip C. Stouffer
Atlas Das Aves Invernantes Do Baixo Alentejo "Atlas of the Winter Birds of Lower Alentejo". 568-569.
Philip C. Stouffer
Les Oiseaux De France. 569-569.
Jean-Marc Thiollay
A Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. 570-571.
Alison R. Styring
100 Years Ago in the American Ornithologists' Union. 572-573.


The European Ornithologists' Union and the New Journal Avian Science. 573-573.

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