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The Auk, Volume 118, Number 1 (2001)

1 (January)


Perspectives In Ornithology

Delayed Dispersal: Living Under the Reign of Nepotistic Parents. 1-10.
Jan Ekman, Vittorio Baglione, Sonke Eggers, Michael Griesser.


Recent Advances in Grassland Bird Research: Where Do We Go From Here? 11-15.
Peter D. Vickery, James R. Herkert.


Linking Breeding and Wintering Grounds of Bicknell's Thrushes Using Stable Isotope Analyses of Feathers. 16-23.
Keith A. Hobson, Kent P. Mcfarland, Leonard I. Wassenaar, Christopher C. Rimmer, James E. Goet
Area Requirements of Grassland Birds: A Regional Perspective. 24-34.
Douglas H. Johnson, Lawrence D. Igl.
Molecular Systematics and Biogeography of Antillean Thrashers, Tremblers, and Mockingbirds (Aves: Mimidae). 35-55.
Jeffrey S. Hunt, Eldredge Bermingham, Robert E. Ricklefs.
A Cryptic New Species of Flycatcher (Tyrannidae: Suiriri) From the Cerrado Region of Central South America. 56-78.
Kevin J. Zimmer, Andrew Whittaker, David C. Oren.
Patterns of Corticosterone Secretion in Migrating Semipalmated Sandpipers At a Major Spring Stopover Site. 79-91.
David S. Mizrahi, Rebecca L. Holberton, Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr.
Consequences of Dominance-Mediated Habitat Segregation in American Redstarts During the Nonbreeding Season. 92-104.
Peter P. Marra, Richard T. Holmes.
Predator Responses To Similarity and Dispersion of Artificial Nest Sites: Implications For the Structure of Boreal Forest Songbird Communities. 105-115.
Sheila A. Rangen, Robert G. Clark, Keith A. Hobson.
Nestling Growth and Thermoregulatory Development in Subalpine Dusky Flycatchers. 116-136.
Maria Elena Pereyra, Martin L. Morton.
Dispersal Pattern of Black-Billed Magpies (Pica Hudsonia) Measured by Molecular Genetic (Rapd) Analysis. 137-146.
Xiao-Hong Wang, Charles H. Trost.
No Evidence For Effects of Breeding Density and Male Removal on Extrapair Paternity in the Pied Flycatcher. 147-155.
Osmo Raetti, Arne Lundberg, Hakan Tegelstrom, Rauno V. Alatalo.
Demography of Brown-Headed Cowbirds At Delta Marsh, Manitoba. 156-166.
Bonnie E. Woolfenden, H. Lisle Gibbs, Spencer G. Sealy.
Sexual Selection and Tail-Length Dimorphism in Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers. 167-175.
Jonathan V. Regosin, Stephen Pruett-Jones.
Variation in Growth of Nestling Tree Swallows Across Multiple Temporal and Spatial Scales. 176-190.
John P. Mccarty.
Comparison of the Reproductive Biology of Two Neotropical Wrens in an Unpredictable Environment in Northeastern Colombia. 191-210.
Jorge A. Ahumada.

Short Communications

Mitochondrial Perspective on the Phylogenetic Relationships of the Parula Wood-Warblers. 211-215.
Irby J. Lovette, Eldredge Bermingham.
Genetic Monogamy in Carolina Wrens (Thryothorus Ludovicianus). 215-219.
Thomas M. Haggerty, Eugene S. Morton, Robert C. Fleischer.
Does Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Excavation of Resin Wells Increase Risk of Bark Beetle Infestation of Cavity Trees? 219-224.
Richard N. Conner, Daniel Saenz, D. Craig Rudolph, William G. Ross, David L. Kulhav
Effects of Forest Harvesting on Nest Predation in Cavity-Nesting Waterfowl. 224-230.
Johanna P. Pierre, Heather Bears, Cynthia A. Paszkowski.
Anomalous Variation in Mitochondrial Genomes of White-Crowned (Zonotrichia Leucophrys) and Golden-Crowned (Z. Atricapilla) Sparrows: Pseudogenes, Hybridization, or Incomplete Lineage Sorting? 231-236.
Jason D. Weckstein, Robert M. Zink, Rachelle C. Blackwell-Rago, Douglas A. Nelson
Relationship of Songbird Nest Concealment To Nest Fate and Flushing Behavior of Adults. 237-242.
Dirk E. Burhans, Frank R. Thompson, III.
Genetic Monogamy in Wilson's Storm-Petrel. 242-248.
Petra Quillfeldt, Tim Schmoll, Hans-Ulrich Peter, Jorg Thomas Epplen, Thomas Lubjuhn.
Adenylate Kinase Intron 5: A New Nuclear Locus For Avian Systematics. 248-255.
Leo H. Shapiro, John P. Dumbacher.


Pox and Plumage Coloration in the House Finch: A Critique of Zahn and Rothstein. 256-260.
Geoffrey E. Hill.
House Finches Are Not Just What They Eat: A Reply To Hill. 260-266.
Sherie N. Zahn, Stephen I. Rothstein.


Addendum. 267.
Klicka, Johnson, Lanyon.
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