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The Auk, Volume 117, Number 4 (2000)

4 (October)



A New Sense of the Complexities of Bird Song. 861-868.
R. Haven Wiley.


Systematic Revision and Biogeography of the Herpsilochmus Pileatus Complex, With Description of a New Species From Northeastern Brazil. 869-891.
Bret M. Whitney, Jose Fernando Pacheco, Dante R. C. Buzzetti,
Egg Rejection by Cowbird Hosts in Grasslands. 892-901.
Brian D. Peer, Scott K. Robinson, James R. Herkert.
Is Reproduction by Tree Swallows Cost Free?. 902-912.
Michael T. Murphy, Brian Armbrecth, Ekaterini Vlamis, Aaron Pierce.
Clearcut Stand Size and Scrub-Successional Bird Assemblages. 913-924.
David G. Krementz, Jeffrey S. Christie.
Demography of Bell's Vireos in Missouri Grassland-Shrub Habitats. 925-935.
Joel M. Budnik, Mark R. Ryan, Frank R. Thompson, Iii.
Geographic Variation in the Organization of Song Sparrow Repertoires. 936-942.
Susan Peters, William A. Searcy, Michael D. Beecher, Stephen Nowicki.
Use of Lice To Identify Cowbird Hosts. 943-951.
D. Caldwell Hahn, Roger D. Price, Peter C. Osenton.
Effects of Coccidial and Mycoplasmal Infections on Carotenoid-Based Plumage Pigmentation in Male House Finches. 952-963.
William R. Brawner, Iii, Geoffrey E. Hill, Christine A. Sundermann.
Tiny Hoopoe-Like Birds From the Middle Eocene of Messel (Germany). 964-970.
Gerald Mayr.
Nutrient Reserves and Clutch-Size Regulation of Northern Shovelers in Alaska. 971-979.
Margaret C. Maccluskie, James S. Sedinger.
Parental Correlates of Offspring Sex Ratio in Eurasian Oystercatchers. 980-986.
D. Heg, N. J. Dlngemanse, C. M. Lessells, A. C. Mateman.
Possible Effects of Pcb Contamination on Female Plumage Color and Reproductive Success in Hudson River Tree Swallows. 987-995.
John P. Mccarty, Anne L. Sncord.
The Role of Development, Parental Behavior, and Nestmate Competition in Fledging of Nestling Tree Swallows. 996-1002.
Trista Michaud, Marty Leonard.
Mitochondrial Dna Phylogeny and Speciation in the Tragopans. 1003-1015.
Ettore Randi, Vittorio Lucchini, Tara Armijo-Prewitt, Rebecca T. Kimball, Edward L. Braun, J. David Ligon.
Diet and Postnatal Growth in Red-Legged and Black-Legged Kittiwakes: An Interspecies Cross-Fostering Experiment. 1016-1028.
Brian K. Lance, Daniel D. Roby.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Lars Von Haartman, 1919-1998. 1029-1030.
Martti Soikkeli.
In Memoriam: Biswamoy Biswas, 1923-1994. 1030.
Ernst Mayr.
In Memoriam: Ernst Sutter, 1914-1999. 1031-1032.
Raffael Winkler, Luc Schifferli.
In Memoriam: Colonel Jack Vincent, 1904-1999. 1032-1033.
John Vincent.

Short Communications

High Migratory Fuel Loads Impair Predator Evasion in Sedge Warblers. 1034-1038.
Cecilia Kullberg, Sven Jakobsson, Thord Fransson.
Versatility From a Single Song: The Case of the Nightingale Wren. 1038-1042.
Daniel W. Leger, Katherine E. Brooks, Judith E. O'Brien.
Molecular Evidence For Extrapair Paternity and Female-Female Pairs in Antarctic Petrels. 1042-1047.
Svein-Hakon Lorentsen, Trond Amundsen, Kristin Anthonisen, Jan T. Lifjeld.
Effects of Time of Sampling on Oocyst Detection and Effects of Age and Experimentally Elevated Testosterone on Prevalence of Coccidia in Male Dark-Eyed Juncos. 1048-1051.
Stephen P. Hudman, Ellen D. Ketters
Identification of the Extinct Hawaiian Eagle (Haliaeetus) by Mtdna Sequence Analysis. 1051-1056.
Robert C. Fleischer, Storrs L. Olson, Helen F. James, Alan C. Cooper.
Are Nest Predation and Brood Parasitism Correlated in Yellow Warblers? a Test of the Cowbird Predation Hypothesis. 1056-1060.
Celia M. Mclaren, Spencer G. Sealy.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Possible Cost of Promiscuity in Birds?. 1061-1065.
Aldo Poiani, Colin Wilks.
Seasonal Decline in Nestling Growth: Support For the Parental-Quality Hypothesis in Cassin's Auklets. 1065-1068.
Yolanda E. Morbey, Ronald C. Ydenberg.
Major Divisions in Oscines Revealed by Insertions in the Nuclear Gene C-Myc: A Novel Gene in Avian Phylogenetics. 1069-1078.
Per G. P. Ericson, Ulf S. Johansson, Thomas J. Parsons.
Specialized Extrapair Mating Display in Western Bluebirds. 1078-1080.
Janis L. Dickinson, Ken Kraaijeveld, Femmie Smit-Kraaijeveld.


A Quick Fix For Figure Legends and Table Headings. 1081-1083.
Donald E. Knoodsma.


The Origin and Evolution of Birds, 2Nd Edition. 1084-1085.
Walter J. Bock.
The Giant Canada Goose, Revised Edition. 1085-1087.
James S. Sedinger.
Birds of Bolivia, 2.0. 1087-1088.
Thomas S. Schulenberg.
Where To Watch Birds in Australasia and Oceania. 1088-1090.
Don Roberson.
Birding in the American West: A Handbook. 1090-1092.
W. Marvin Davis.
Chasing Warblers. 1092.
Sandra Walsh-Papalia.

Conservation Report

The AOU Conservation Committee Review of the Biology, Status, and Management of Cape Sable Seaside Sparrows: Final Report. 1093-1115.
Jeffrey R. Walters, Steven R. Beissinger, John W. Fitzpatrick, Russell Greenberg, James D. Nichols, H. Ronald Pulliam, David W. Winkler


New Editor Selected. 1115.


Reviewers For The Auk, 2000. 1116-1117.
Index To Volume 117. 1118-1129.
Alison E. H. Perkins.

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