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The Auk, Volume 117, Number 3 (2000)

3 (July)



New Editor Selected. 859.

Aou Check-List Supplement

Forty-Second Supplement To the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 847-858.


Suggestions For Slides At Scientific Meetings. 831-835.
Donald E. Kroodsma, Bruce E. Byers.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Hildegarde Howard, 1901-1998. 775-779.
Kenneth E. Campbell, Jr.
In Memoriam: Juergen Aschoff, 1913-1998. 779-780.
Peter Berthold.


Shade Coffee: A Good Brew Even in Small Doses. 563-568.
Thomas W. Sherry.
A Striking New Species of Barbet (Capitoninae: Capito) From the Eastern Andes of Peru. 569-577.
John P. O'Neill, Daniel F. Lane, Andrew W. Kratter, Angelo P. Capparella, Cecilia Fox Joo.
A Phenotypic Test of Haldane's Rule in an Avian Hybrid Zone. 578-585.
Catherine E. Smith, Sievert Rohwer.
Genetic Variation in the Endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. 586-595.
Joseph D. Busch, Mark P. Miller, Eben H. Paxton, Mark K. Sogge, Paul Keim.
Winter Site Fidelity of Nearctic Migrants in Shade Coffee Plantations of Different Sizes in the Dominican Republic. 596-614.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr., Steven C. Latta.
Uncertain Nest Fates in Songbird Studies and Variation in Mayfield Estimation. 615-626.
James C. Manolis, David E. Andersen, Francesca J. Cuthbert.
Fledging Success As an Index of Recruitment in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 627-633.
Patrick J. Weatherhead, Kevin W. Dufour.
Influence of Environmental and Density-Dependent Factors on Reproduction of Little Egrets. 634-639.
Robert E. Bennetts, Mauro Fasola, Heinz Hafner, Yves Kayser.
Temporal Flexibility of Reproduction in Temperate-Breeding Dabbling Ducks. 640-650.
Gary L. Krapu.
Genetic Relationships of Cory's Shearwater: Parentage, Mating Assortment, and Geographic Differentiation Revealed by Dna Fingerprinting. 651-662.
Corinne Rabouam, Vincent Bretagnolle, Yves Bigot, Georges Pe
Diversity of Birds Along an Elevational Gradient in the Cordillera Central, Costa Rica. 663-686.
John G. Blake, Bette A. Loiselle.
Short-Term Effects of Timber Harvest on Abundance, Territory Characteristics, and Pairing Success of Ovenbirds in Riparian Buffer Strips. 687-698.
J. Daniel Lambert, Susan J. Hannon.
Temporal and Age-Related Changes in Survival Rates of Southern Buller's Albatrosses (Thalassarche Bulleri Bulleri) At the Snares, New Zealand, 1948 To 1997. 699-708.
P. M. Sagar, J. Molloy, H. Weimerskirch,
Seasonal Fruit Preferences For Lipids and Sugars by American Robins. 709-717.
Christopher A. Lepczyk, K. Greg Murray, Kathy Winnett-Murray, Paul Bartell, Eric Geyer, Timothy Work.
Variation in Foraging and Parental Behavior of King Cormorants. 718-730.
Akiko Kato, Yutaka Watanuki, Isao Nishiumi, Maki Kuroki, Peter Shaughnessy, Yasuhiko Naito.
Effects of Malaria on Activity Budgets of Experimentally Infected Juvenile Apapane (Himatione Sanguinea). 731-738.
Nancy Yorinks, Carter T. Atkinson.
Predation of Natural and Artificial Nests in a Southern Pine Forest. 739-747.
Jeffrey J. Buler, Robert B. Hamilton.
Movement Patterns of Wintering Grassland Sparrows in Arizona. 748-759.
Caleb E. Gordon.
Tracing Nutrient Allocation To Reproduction With Stable Isotopes: A Preliminary Investigation Using Colonial Waterbirds of Great Slave Lake. 760-774.
Keith A. Hobson, Jacques Sirois, Mark L. Gloutney.


Anatomy and Systematics of the Confuciusornithidae (Theropoda: Aves) From the Late Mesozoic of Northeastern China. 836-839.
Storrs L. Olson.
Avian Growth and Development: Evolution Within the Altricial-Precocial Spectrum. 839-840.
Cynthia Carey.
Rails: A Guide To the Rails, Crakes, Gallinules and Coots of the World. 840-841.
David W. Steadman.
The Directory of Australian Birds. Passeriformes: A Taxonomic and Zoogeographic Atlas of the Biodiversity of Birds in Australia and Its Territories. 841-842.
Walter J. Bock.
Restoring North America's Wild Birds: Lessons From Landscape Ecology. 842-844.
Kathryn E. Sieving.
Wetland Birds: Habitat Resources and Conservation Implications. 844-845.
Scott Forbes.
A Birdfinder's Guide To the Rio Grande Valley.. 845-846.
Peter H. Yaukey.

Short Communications

Breeding Biology of Barred Forest-Falcons (Micrastur Ruficollis) in Northeastern Guatemala. 781-786.
Russell Thorstrom, Jose D. Ramos, Cristobal M. Morales.
Molecular Evidence For the Systematic Position of Urocynchramus Pylzowi. 787-791.
Jeff G. Groth.
Anatomical and Nutritional Adaptations of the Speckled Mousebird (Coitus Striatus). 791-794.
Colleen T. Downs, J. Olaf Wirminghaus, Michael J. Lawes.
Long-Distance Commuting by Brown-Headed Cowbirds in New Mexico. 795-799.
David R. Curson, Christopher B. Goguen, Nancy E. Mathews.
Female Dominance and Aggressive Behaviors in House Sparrow Flocks. 799-802.
Jodie M. Jawor.
Avoiding the Nest: Responses of Field Sparrows To the Threat of Nest Predation. 803-806.
Dirk E. Burhans.
Winter Territoriality and Irruptive Behavior in the Paridae. 807-811.
Lluls Brotons.
Body-Mass Dynamics of King Eiders During Incubation. 812-817.
Dana K. Kellett, Ray T. Alisauskas.
Insurance Eggs Versus Additional Eggs: Do Brown Boobies Practice Obligate Siblicide?. 817-820.
Bernie R. Tershy, Dawn Breese, Donald A. Croll.
The 20-Cm Spiny Penis of the Argentine Lake Duck (Oxyura Vittata). 820-825.
Kevin G. Mccracken.
Pollen and the Nitrogen Requirements of the Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird. 826-830.
Ian G. Van Tets, Susan W. Nicolson.
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