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The Auk, Volume 117, Number 2 (2000)

2 (April)


A New Bush-Warbler (Sylviidae, Bradypterus) From Taiwan. 279-289.
Pamela C. Rasmussen, Philip D. Round, Edward C. Dickinson, F. G. Rozendaal.
Postbreeding Movements of American Avocets and Implications For Wetland Connectivity in the Western Great Basin. 290-298.
Jonathan H. Plissner, Susan M. Haig, Lewis W. Oring.
Spacing Patterns, Mating Systems, and Winter Philopatry in Harlequin Ducks. 299-307.
Gregory J. Robertson, Fred Cooke, R. Ian Goudie, W. Sean Boyd.
A Critical Evaluation of Kenyon's Shag (Phalacrocorax [Stictocarbo] Kenyoni). 308-320.
Sievert Rohwer, Christopher E. Filardi, Kimberly S. Bostwick, A. Townsend Peterson.
New World Nine-Primaried Oscine Relationships: Constructing a Mitochondrial Dna Framework. 321-336.
John Klicka, Kevin P. Johnson, Scott M. Lanyon.
Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism Results in a Sink Population in Warbling Vireos. 337-344.
David Ward, James N. M. Smith.
Breeding Ecology and Nest-Site Selection of Song Wrens in Central Panama. 345-354.
Tara R. Robinson, W. Douglas Robinson, E. Ceinwen Edwards.
Phylogenetic Relationships of Micronesian White-Eyes Based on Mitochondrial Sequence Data. 355-365.
Beth Slikas, Isaac B. Jones, Scott R. Derrickson, Robert C. Fleischer.
Ornament Size and Symmetry: Is the Tail a Reliable Signal of Male Quality in the Red-Collared Widowbird?. 366-372.
Keith W. Goddard, Michael J. Lawes.
Effects of Hematozoan Parasites on Condition and Return Rates of American Kestrels. 373-380.
Russell D. Dawson, Gary R. Bortolotti.
Divergent Foraging Strategies of Two Neotropical Migrant Warblers: Implications For Winter Habitat Use. 381-392.
Allan M. Strong.
A Double-Observer Approach For Estimating Detection Probability and Abundance From Point Counts. 393-408.
James D. Nichols, James E. Hines, John R. Sauer, Frederick W. Fallon, Jane E. Fallon, Patricia J. He
Does Vertical Partitioning of Nest Sites Decrease Nest Predation?. 409-415.
Leonard R. Reitsma, Christopher J. Whelan.
Rainfall, Fruiting Phenology, and the Nesting Season of White-Crowned Pigeons in the Upper Florida Keys. 416-426.
G. Thomas Bancroft, Reed Bowman, Richard J. Sawicki.
Morphometric Variation As an Indicator of Genetic Interactions Between Black-Capped and Carolina Chickadees At a Contact Zone in the Appalachian Mountains. 427-444.
Gene D. Sattler, Michael J. Braun.
Nesting Success and Nest Predators in Forest Fragments: A Study Using Real and Artificial Nests. 445-454.
Liana Zanette, Bert Jenkins.
Direct and Indirect Estimates of Peregrine Falcon Population Size in Northern Eurasia. 455-464.
J. L. Quinn, Y. Kokorev.
Display Behaviors, Mechanical Sounds, and Evolutionary Relationships of the Club-Winged Manakin (Machaeropterus Deeiciosus). 465-478.
Kimberly S. Bostwick.
Life in the Slow Lane: Reproductive Life History of the White-Browed Scrubwren, an Australian Endemic. 479-489.
Robert D. Magrath, Ashley W. Leedman, Janet L. Gardner, Anthony Giannasca, Anjeli C. Nathan, S


New Editor Selected. 562.

Conservation Report

Setting Conservation Priorities For Landbirds in the United States: The Partners in Flight Approach. 541-548.
Michael F. Carter, William C. Hunter, David N. Pashley, Kenneth V. Rosenberg.
Report of the Aou Conservation Committee on the Partners in Flight Species Prioritization Plan. 549-561.
Steven R. Beissinger, J. Michael Reed, Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr., Scott K. Robinson, Deborah M. Finch.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: E. Otto Hohn, 1919-1997. 490-491.
David A. Boag.
In Memoriam: Thomas Henry Manning, 1911-1998. 492.
J. Bruce Falls.


The Evolution of Avian Breeding Systems. 531-532.
Tamas Szekely.
Handbook of the Birds of the World, Volume 5, Barn-Owls To Hummingbirds. 532-534.
Kenneth P. Able.
Bull's Birds of New York State. 534-536.
Wayne R. Petersen.
Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution, 2Nd Edition. 536-537.
Andrew W. Douglas.
Ecological Assembly Rules: Perspectives, Advances, Retreats. 537-538.
J. Stephen Brewer.
John Gould the Bird Man: Correspondence. Volume 1, Through 1838. 538-540.
Jeffrey S. Marks.
Hancock House Encyclopedia of the Lories. 540.
Dick Schroeder.

Short Communications

Migration Patterns in Male Great Bustards (Otis Tarda). 493-498.
Manuel B. Morales, Juan C. Alonso, Javier A. Alonso, Enrique Martln.
What Happens To Old Nests in Natural Cavities?. 498-500.
Tomasz Wesolowski.
Natal Dispersal of Peregrine Falcons in Greenland. 500-504.
Marco Restani, William G. Mattox.
Influence of Lipid and Uric Acid on Delta 13 C and Delta 15 N Values of Avian Blood: Implications For Trophic Studies. 504-507.
Stuart Bearhop, Mark A. Teece, Susan Waldron, Robert W. Furness.
Dive Depth and Diet of the Black-Vented Shearwater (Puffinus Opisthomelas). 507-510.
Bradford S. Keitt, Donald A. Croll, Bernie R. Tershy.
Factors Affecting Interspecies Variation in Home-Range Size of Raptors. 511-517.
M. Zachariah Peery.
Stormy Seas For Some North American Songbirds: Are Declines Related To Severe Storms During Migration?. 518-522.
Robert W. Butler.
Measurements of Diving Depth in Dovekies (Alle Alle). 522-525.
Knud Falk, Carsten Egevang Pedersen, Kaj Kampp.
Assortative Mating by Color in a Population of Hybrid Northern Flickers. 525-529.
Karen L. Wiebe.
Erratum: Zink Et Al. (1999). 530.
Robert M. Zink.
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