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The Auk, Volume 116, Number 4 (1999)

4 (October)


Nest Architecture and Avian Systematics. 875-877.
Frederick H. Sheldon, David W. Winkler.
Think Small. 878-881.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr.
A New Species of Antpitta (Formicariidae: Grallaria) From the Southern Ecuadorian Andes. 882-890.
Niels Krabbe, D. J. Agro, N. H. Rice, M. Jacome, L. Navarrete, F. Sornoza M.
Phylogenetic Analysis of the Nest Architecture of Neotropical Ovenbirds (Furnariidae). 891-911.
Krzysztof Zyskowski, Richard O. Prum.
Landscape Attributes and Nest-Site Selection in Wild Turkeys. 912-923.
Wayne E. Thogmartin.
Influence of Climate on Reproductive Success in Mexican Jays. 924-936.
Shou-Hsien Li, Jerram L. Brown.
Effects of Forest Roads on Habitat Quality For Ovenbirds in a Forested Landscape. 937-946.
Yvette K. Ortega, David E. Capen.
Microbial Colonization of the Cloacae of Nestling Tree Swallows. 947-956.
Tamara K. Mills, Michael P. Lombardo, Patrick A. Thorpe.
Evolution of Toxicity in Pitohuis: I. Effects of Homobatrachotoxin on Chewing Lice (Order Phthiraptera). 957-963.
John P. Dumbacher.
Genetic Variability in the Endemic Vireos of Puerto Rico and Jamaica Contrasted With the Continental White-Eyed Vireo. 964-975.
Patrick W. Zwartjes.
Lake Selection By Madagascar Fish-Eagles. 976-983.
James Berkelman, James D. Fraser, Richard T. Watson.
Does Nest Placement Affect the Fate or Productivity of California Gnatcatcher Nests?. 984-993.
Gerald T. Braden.
Plasma Lipid Metabolites Provide Information on Mass Change Over Several Days in Captive Western Sandpipers. 994-1000.
Tony D. Williams, Christopher G. Guglielmo, Oliver Egeler, Christopher J. Martyniuk.
A Model to Predict Breeding-Season Productivity For Multibrooded Songbirds. 1001-1008.
Larkin A. Powell, Michael J. Conroy, David G. Krementz, Jason D. Lang.
At-Sea Distribution of Spectacled Eiders: A 120-Year-Old Mystery Resolved. 1009-1020.
Margaret R. Petersen, William W. Larned, David C. Douglas.
Evolutionary Patterns of Morphometrics, Allozymes, and Mitochondrial Dna in Thrashers (Genus Toxostoma). 1021-1038.
Robert M. Zink, Donna L. Dittmann, John Klicka, Rachelle C. Blackwell-Rago.
Extrapair Mating System of an Asynchronously Breeding Tropical Songbird: The Mangrove Swallow. 1039-1046.
Owen R. Moore, Bridget J. M. Stutchbury, James S. Quinn.
Does Tape-Luring of Migrating Eurasian Reed-Warblers Increase Number of Recruits or Capture Probability?. 1047-1053.
Michael Schaub, Regine Schwilch, Lukas Jenni.
Skeletons and the Genera of Sparrows (Emberizinae). 1054-1074.
J. Dan Webster, Jackson R. Webster.
Factors Affecting Nesting Success of Wood Thrushes in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 1075-1082.
George L. Farnsworth, Theodore R. Simons.
Low Levels of Genetic Variability in North American Populations of the Wood Stork (Mycteria Americana). 1083-1092.
Ronald A. Van Den Bussche, Stephanie A. Harmon, Robert J. Baker, A. Lawrence Bryan, Jr., Ja
High Levels of Mitochondrial Dna Differentiation in Two Lineages of Antbirds (Drymophila and Hypocnemis). 1093-1106.
John M. Bates, Shannon J. Hackett, Jaqueline M. Goerck.
Phylogenetic Patterns of Parental Care in Calidridine Sandpipers. 1107-1117.
Oksana A. Borowik, Deborah A. Mclennan.
In Memoriam: Henri Roger Ouellet, 1938-1999. 1118-1121.
Raymond Mcneil, W. Earl Godfrey.
In Memoriam: Frances Hamerstrom, 1907-1998. 1122-1124.
Keith L. Bildstein.
In Memoriam: H. Elliott Mcclure, 1910-1998. 1125-1126.
Masashi Yoshii, Nagahisa Kuroda.
Reviews. 1156-1165.
Reviewers For the Auk, 1999. 1166-1168.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 1169-1170.
Information For Contributors to the Auk. 1171-1174.
Index to Volume 116. 1175-1187.

Short Communications

Reproductive Success of Exotic Mute Swans in Connecticut. 1127-1131.
Michael R. Conover, Gary S. Kania.
Apparent Heritability of Parental Care in Savannah Sparrows. 1132-1136.
Corey R. Freeman-Gallant, Michele D. Rothstein.
Relationships Among Dominance, Foraging Proficiency, and Condition in Juvenile Dark-Eyed Juncos. 1136-1141.
Joanna Leary, Kimberly A. Sullivan, Nigella Hillgarth.
Male House Sparrows Behave As If a Fertilization Window Exists. 1141-1144.
Misty D. Hankinson.
Precocious Breeding By Yearling Giant Canada Geese. 1145-1147.
Ronald D. Drobney, J. Michael Checkett, John M. Coluccy, David A. Graber.
Evaluation of Mist-Net Sampling As an Index to Productivity in Kirtland's Warblers. 1147-1151.
Jonathan Bart, Cameron Kepler, Paul Sykes, Carol Bocetti.
Patch Size and Composition of Social Groups in Wintering Tufted Titmice. 1152-1155.
Elena V. Pravosudova, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr., Patricia G. Parker, Paul F. Doherty, Jr.
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