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The Auk, Volume 116, Number 1 (1999)

1 (January)


Reconstructing the Evolutionary Origin of Polygyny in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 1-4.
Michael S. Webster.
Evolution of Polygyny in the Ancestors of Red-Winged Blackbirds. 5-19.
William A. Searcy, Ken Yasukawa, Scott Lanyon.
Winter Philopatry in Migratory Waterfowl. 20-34.
Gregory J. Robertson, Fred Cooke.
Recent Increase in Male House Finch Plumage Variation and Its Possible Relationship to Avian Pox Disease. 35-44.
Sherie N. Zahn, Stephen I. Rothstein.
Nest-Site Selection in the Acorn Woodpecker. 45-54.
Philip N. Hooge, Mark T. Stanback, Walter D. Koenig.
Nest-Building Behavior in Pcb-Contaminated Tree Swallows. 55-63.
John P. Mccarty, Anne L. Secord.
Exogenous Testosterone and the Adrenocortical Response in Dark-Eyed Juncos. 64-72.
Stephan J. Schoech, Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr.
Effects of Plot Size and Habitat Characteristics on Breeding Success of Scarlet Tanagers. 73-82.
Christopher Roberts, Christopher J. Norment.
Species Limits in Antbirds (Passeriformes: Thamnophilidae): The Myrmotherula Surinamensis Complex. 83-96.
Morton L. Isler, Phyllis R. Isler, Bret M. Whitney.
Use of Supplemental Food By Breeding Ross's Geese and Lesser Snow Geese: Evidence For Variable Anorexia. 97-108.
Mark L. Gloutney, Ray T. Alisauskas, Keith A. Hobson, Alan D. Afton.
Habitat Requirements of Henslow's Sparrows Wintering in Silvicultural Lands of the Gulf Coastal Plain. 109-115.
Sheldon Plentovich, Nicholas R. Holler, Geoffrey E. Hill.
Phylogeny of the Falconidae Inferred From Molecular and Morphological Data. 116-130.
Carole S. Griffiths.
How White-Throated Magpie-Jay Helpers Contribute During Breeding. 131-140.
Tom A. Langen, Sandra L. Vehrencamp.
Molecular Systematics and Biogeography of the Cockatoos (Psittaciformes: Cacatuidae). 141-157.
David M. Brown, Catherine A. Toft.
Evolution of Reversed Sexual Size Dimorphism in Skuas and Jaegers. 158-168.
Paulo Catry, Richard A. Phillips, Robert W. Furness.
Unusual Timing of Copulations in the Australian Brush-Turkey. 169-177.
Sharon M. Birks.
Flying the Gantlet: Population Characteristics, Sampling Bias, and Migration Routes of Eared Grebes Downed in the Utah Desert. 178-183.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., Annette E. Henry, Suzanne I. Bond.
Foam Produced By Male Coturnix Quail: What Is Its Function?. 184-193.
Elizabeth Adkins-Regan.
The Long-Billed Lark Complex: A Species Mosaic in Southwestern Africa. 194-208.
Peter G. Ryan, Paulette Bloomer.
A Model of the Dynamics of Cowbirds and Their Host Communities. 209-222.
Joseph A. Grzybowski, Craig M. Pease.
In Memoriam: Mikl. 223-225.
Blair Csuti, Martin R. Brittan.
In Memoriam: Miguel. 226-227.
Adolfo G. Navarro S., Jos.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1998:. 278-279.
Frank B. Gill.
Elliott Coues Award, 1998:. 280-281.
Jared M. Diamond.
Notice From the Committee on Classification and Nomenclature. 282-283.
Reviews. 284-297.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 298.

Short Communications

Body Size, Nest Initiation Date, and Egg Production in Ruddy Ducks. 228-231.
Lori A. Boon, C. Davison Ankney.
Intraclutch Variation in Testosterone Content of Red-Winged Blackbird Eggs. 231-235.
Joseph L. Lipar, Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr.
Timing of Egg Laying in Yellow Warblers. 236-240.
D. Glen Mcmaster, Spencer G. Sealy, Sharon A. Gill, Diane L. Neudorf.
Effects of Dominance on Vigilance in Avian Social Groups. 241-246.
Vladimir V. Pravosudov, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Maintenance Energy Costs of Two Partially Folivorous Tropical Passerines. 246-252.
Carlos Bosque, M. Andreina Pacheco, Rodney B. Siegel.
Low Extrapair Paternity in the Cactus Finch (Geospiza Scandens). 252-256.
Kenneth Petren, B. Rosemary Grant, Peter R. Grant.
Orange-Tufted Sunbirds Do Not Feed Nectar to Their Chicks. 257-259.
Shai Markman, Berry Pinshow, Jonathan Wright.
Video Identification of Predators At Songbird Nests in Old Fields. 259-264.
Frank R. Thompson Iii, William Dijak, Dirk E. Burhans.
Floater Males Engage in Extrapair Copulations With Resident Female Tree Swallows. 264-269.
Colleen A. Barber, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Response of Female Hooded Mergansers to Eggs of an Interspecific Brood Parasite. 269-273.
Bruce D. Dugger, Lia C. Bollmann, Leigh H. Fredrickson.
Speciation in North American Chickadees: Ii. Geography of Mtdna Haplotypes in Poecile Carolinensis. 274-277.
Frank B. Gill, Beth Slikas, David Agro.
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