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The Auk, Volume 115, Number 4 (1998)

4 (October)


On the Importance of Stopover Sites to Migrating Birds. 823-825.
Richard L. Hutto.
Avian Genitalia. 826-828.
James V. Briskie.
Stopover Ecology and Habitat Use of Migratory Wilson's Warblers. 829-842.
Wang Yong, Deborah M. Finch, Frank R. Moore, Jeffrey F. Kelly.
Temperature, Egg Mass, and Incubation Time: A Comparison of Brown-Headed Cowbirds and Red-Winged Blackbirds. 843-850.
Bill M. Strausberger.
Winter Range Expansion and Relationships Between Landscape and Morphometrics of Midcontinent Lesser Snow Geese. 851-862.
Ray T. Alisauskas.
Exercise Capacity of House Wren Nestlings: Begging Chicks Are Not Working As Hard As They Can. 863-870.
Mark A. Chappell, Gwen C. Bachman.
Nesting Success in Brown-And-Yellow Marshbirds: Effects of Timing, Nest Site, and Brood Parasitism. 871-878.
Myriam E. Mermoz, Juan C. Reboreda.
Forest Area and Habitat Quality For Nesting Wood Thrushes. 879-889.
Howard J. Weinberg, Roland R. Roth.
Evolutionary Differentiation in Three Endemic West Indian Warblers. 890-903.
Irby J. Lovette, Eldredge Bermingham, Gilles Seutin, Robert E. Ricklefs.
Body-Fat Levels and Annual Return in Migrating Semipalmated Sandpipers. 904-915.
Charles Pfister, Mark J. Kasprzyk, Brian A. Harrington.
Asymmetrical Force Production in the Maneuvering Flight of Pigeons. 916-928.
Douglas R. Warrick, Kenneth P. Dial, Andrew A. Biewener.
Effects of Prior Nesting Success on Site Fidelity and Breeding Dispersal: An Experimental Approach. 929-936.
Carola A. Haas.
Phylogenetic Relationships Among the Trogons. 937-954.
Alejandro Espinosa De Los Monteros.
Forest Size and Isolation Have No Effect on Reproductive Success of Eurasian Nuthatches (Sitta Europaea). 955-963.
Erik Matthysen, Frank Adriaensen.
Individual and Temporal Variation in Cloacal Protuberance Size of Male Bearded Tits (Panurus Biarmicus). 964-969.
Andreas Sax, Herbert Hoi.
Modeling Colony-Site Dynamics: A Case Study of Gull-Billed Terns (Sterna Nilotica) in Coastal Virginia. 970-978.
R. Michael Erwin, James D. Nichols, T. Brian Eyler, Daniel B. Stotts, Barry R. Truitt.
Effects of Double Brooding on Productivity of Crested Caracaras. 979-987.
Joan L. Morrison.
Recruitment Models For Mallards in Eastern North America. 988-997.
Susan E. Sheaffer.
Diversity and Conservation of Understory Birds in the Tilar. 998-1016.
Bruce E. Young, Debra Derosier, George V. N. Powell.
Morphological Differences Relative to Ecological Segregation in Petrels (Family: Procellariidae) of the Southern Ocean and Tropical Pacific. 1017-1033.
Larry B. Spear, David G. Ainley.
Effects of Geographic Location and Habitat on Breeding Parameters of Great Tits. 1034-1051.
Juan Jos.
In Memoriam: Betsy Trent Thomas, 1923-1998. 1052.
Morton L. Isler, Clemencia Rodner.
Reviews. 1081-1093.
Reviewers For the Auk, 1998. 1094-1095.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 1096-1097.
Notes and News. 1097.
Index to Volume 115. 1098-1110.


On the Role of the Referee. 1079-1080.
Kenneth C. Parkes.

Short Communications

Genetic Differentiation Between Wintering Populations of Lesser Snow Geese Nesting on Wrangel Island. 1053-1057.
Sergei B. Kuznetsov, Vasily V. Baranyuk, John Y. Takekawa.
Rejection of Cowbird Eggs By Mourning Doves: A Manifestation of Nest Usurpation?. 1057-1062.
Brian D. Peer, Erick K. Bollinger.
Timing of Breeding and Reproductive Costs in Collared Flycatchers. 1063-1067.
David A. Wiggins, Tomas P.
Competition For Nest Sites Between Kelp Gulls (Larus Dominicanus) and Terns (Sterna Maxima and S. Eurygnatha) in Patagonia. 1068-1071.
Flavio Quintana, Pablo Yorio.
Rediscovery of Hylopezus (Macularius) Auricularis: Distinctive Song and Habitat Indicate Species Rank. 1072-1073.
Sjoerd Maijer.
Chromosome-Specific Intron Size Differences in the Avian Chd Gene Provide an Efficient Method For Sex Identification in Birds. 1074-1078.
Nate W. Kahn, Judith St. John, Thomas W. Quinn.
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