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The Auk, Volume 115, Number 3 (1998)

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3 (July)


New Species and New Species Limits in Birds. 555-558.
A. Townsend Peterson.
A New Herpsilochmus Antwren (Aves: Thamnophilidae) From Northern Amazonian Peru and Adjacent Ecuador: The Role of Edaphic Heterogeneity of Terra Firme Forest. 559-576.
Bret M. Whitney, Jos.
Use of Vocalizations to Establish Species Limits in Antbirds (Passeriformes: Thamnophilidae). 577-590.
Morton L. Isler, Phyllis R. Isler, Bret M. Whitney.
Wingbeat Frequency of Two Catharus Thrushes During Nocturnal Migration. 591-601.
Robert H. Diehl, Ronald P. Larkin.
High Paternity Without Paternity-Assurance Behavior in the Purple Sandpiper, a Species With High Paternal Investment. 602-612.
Elin P. Pierce, Jan T. Lifjeld.
Density-Dependent Effects on Growth, Body Size, and Clutch Size in Black Brant. 613-620.
James S. Sedinger, Mark. S. Lindberg, Brian T. Person, Michael W. Eichholz, Mark P. Herzog, Paul L. Flint.
Molecular Phylogenetics of the Genus Piranga: Implications For Biogeography and the Evolution of Morphology and Behavior. 621-634.
Kevin J. Burns.
Daily Energy Expenditure of Male and Female Marsh Harrier Nestlings. 635-641.
Bernd Riedstra, Cor Dijkstra, Serge Daan.
Colonial Nesters in a Deteriorating Habitat: Site Fidelity and Colony Dynamics of Lesser Snow Geese. 642-652.
Barbara Ganter, Fred Cooke.
An Unusual Sequence of Flight-Feather Molt in Common Murres and Its Evolutionary Implications. 653-669.
Christopher W. Thompson, Monique L. Wilson, Edward F. Melvin, D. John Pierce.
Foraging-Niche Dynamics of Gadwalls and American Coots in Winter. 670-683.
S. Keith Mcknight, Gary R. Hepp.
Variation in Ejaculate Quality in Dark-Eyed Juncos According to Season, Stage of Reproduction, and Testosterone Treatment. 684-693.
Tracey L. Kast, Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr.
Response of Great Horned Owls to Experimental Hot Spots" of Snowshoe Hare Density". 694-705.
Christoph Rohner, Charles J. Krebs.
Morphological Adaptation With No Mitochondrial Dna Differentiation in the Coastal Plain Swamp Sparrow. 706-712.
Russell Greenberg, Pedro J. Cordero, Sam Droege, Robert C. Fleischer.
Philippine Birds of Prey: Interrelations Among Habitat, Morphology, and Behavior. 713-726.
Anita Gamauf, Monika Preleuthner, Hans Winkler.
Interactions Among Environmental Stress, Body Condition, Nutritional Status, and Dominance in Great Tits. 727-738.
Luis M. Carrascal, Juan Carlos Senar, Ingrid Mozetich, Fransec Uribe, Jordi Domenech.
Influence of Breeding Phenology and Clutch Size on Hybridization Between Hermit and Townsend's Warblers. 739-745.
Scott F. Pearson, Sievert Rohwer.
Barred Owl Home Range and Habitat Selection in the Boreal Forest of Central Saskatchewan. 746-754.
Kurt M. Mazur, Shanna D. Frith, Paul C. James.
In Memoriam: Martin Humphrey Moynihan, 1928-1996. 755-758.
Neal Griffith Smith.
Reviews. 806-820.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 821.


Modeling Departure Strategies in Auks. 798-800.
Anthony J. Gaston.
Evaluating Models of Departure Strategies in Alcids. 800-801.
R. C. Ydenberg.
On Forest-Interior Species, Edge Avoidance, Area Sensitivity, and Dogmas in Avian Conservation. 801-805.

Short Communications

Fat Storage in Male Willow Warblers in Spring: Do Residents Arrive Lean or Fat?. 759-763.
Thord Fransson, Sven Jakobsson.
Are Rooster Crows Honest Signals of Fighting Ability?. 763-766.
Bryant Furlow, Rebecca T. Kimball, Michael C. Marshall.
Modeling the Breeding Cycle of Long-Lived Birds: Why Do King Penguins Try to Breed Late?. 767-771.
Anders Brodin, Olof Olsson, Colin W. Clark.
Flight Without Horizon References in European Starlings. 771-774.
Robert G. Moyle, Frank H. Heppner.
Molt Patterns of Nonbreeding White-Faced Whistling-Ducks in South Africa. 774-780.
Scott A. Petrie.
Metabolic Rate, Temperature Regulation, and the Energetic Implications of Roost Nests in the Bananaquit (Coereba Flaveola). 780-786.
Michele Merola-Zwartjes.
Assortative Mating and Sexual Size Dimorphism in Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers. 786-791.
Brett K. Sandercock.
Subadult Movement Patterns of the Endangered Hawaiian Stilt (Himantopus Mexicanus Knudseni). 791-797.
J. Michael Reed, Michael D. Silbernagle, Karen Evans, Andrew Engilis, Jr., Lewis W. Oring.
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