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The Auk, Volume 115, Number 1 (1998)

1 (January)


Another Threat Posed By Forest Fragmentation: Reduced Food Supply. 1-3.
Scott K. Robinson.
Cooperative Breeding in the Frugivorous Toucan Barbet (Semnornis Ramphastinus). 4-15.
Carla Restrepo, Marta Lucy Mondrag.
Nest Predation in Aspen Woodlots in an Agricultural Area in Alberta: The Enemy From Within. 16-25.
Susan J. Hannon, Susan E. Cotterill.
Environmental Effects on Body Size of Canada Geese. 26-33.
James O. Leafloor, C. Davison Ankney, Donald H. Rusch.
Nest-Site Characteristics and Reproductive Success in Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus). 34-49.
David L. Stokes, P. Dee Boersma.
The Barred Owl (Strix Varia) Invasion in California. 50-56.
Shawna J. Dark, R. J. Guti.
Foraging Flights of Breeding Thick-Billed Murres (Uria Lomvia) As Revealed By Bird-Borne Direction Recorders. 57-66.
Silvano Benvenuti, Francesco Bonadonna, Luigi Dall'Antonia, Gudmundur A. Gudmundsson.

Flexible Growth Rates in Fork-Tailed Storm-Petrels: A Response to Environmental Variability. 67-75.

P. Dee Boersma, Julia K. Parrish.
The Adrenocortical Response to Stress in Incubating Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus). 76-84.
Laura C. Hood, P. Dee Boersma, John C. Wingfield.
Re-Evaluation of Adult Survival of Black-Headed Gulls (Larus Ridibundus) in Presence of Recapture Heterogeneity. 85-95.
Anne-Caroline Pr.
Influence of Food Abundance, Nest-Site Habitat, and Forest Fragmentation on Breeding Ovenbirds. 96-104.
Dawn M. Burke, Erica Nol.
Phylogenetic Patterns in the Trochilidae. 105-118.
John A. Gerwin, Robert M. Zink.
Patterns of Cavity-Entrance Orientation By Gilded Flickers (Colaptes Chrysoides)In Card. 119-126.
Patrick W. Zwartjes, Shawn E. Nordell.
Molecular and Osteological Heron Phylogenies: Sources of Incongruence. 127-141.
Kevin G. Mccracken, Frederick H. Sheldon.
Contrasts in Scheduling of Molt and Migration in Eastern and Western Warbling-Vireos. 142-155.
Gary Voelker, Sievert Rohwer.
Sugar Preferences and Side Bias" in Cape Sugarbirds and Lesser Double-Collared Sunbirds". 156-165.
Susan Jackson, Susan W. Nicolson, Christopher N. Lotz.
Factors Affecting Parental Behavior in Semipalmated Plovers. 166-174.
Evaluation of the Cyclopropane Absorption Method of Measuring Avian Body Fat. 175-187.
James A. Gessaman, Roy D. Nagle, Justin D. Congdon.
Cytochrome-B Evidence For Validity and Phylogenetic Relationships of Pseudobulweria and Bulweria (Procellariidae). 188-195.
Vincent Bretagnolle, Carole Atti.
Guts Don'T Fly: Small Digestive Organs in Obese Bar-Tailed Godwits. 196-203.
Theunis Piersma, Robert E. Gill, Jr.
In Memoriam: Dioscoro S. Rabor, 1911-1996. 204-205.
Robert S. Kennedy, Hector C. Miranda, Jr.
In Memoriam: Philip L. Wright, 1914-1997. 206.
Jeffrey S. Marks.
In Memoriam: Charles M. Weise, 1926-1997. 207.
Millicent Sigler Ficken.
In Memoriam: Philip Atkinson Dumont, 1903-1996. 207-208.
James J. Dinsmore.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1997:. 256-257.
John C. Avise.
Elliott Coues Award, 1997:. 257-259.
Chandler S. Robbins.
Reviews. 260-275.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 276-277.
Notes and News. 278-279.
Notice From the Committee on Classification and Nomenclature. 280.


Response to Latta and Baltz (1997). 246-251.
John H. Rappole, M. Victoria Mcdonald.
History and Tradition, or Contemporary Ornithology? Why Ornithological Journals Should Not Have Bird Names. 252-253.
J. V. Remsen, Jr., James A. Kushlan, Bette A. Loiselle.
Keep the Auk" Alive and Flying". 254-255.
Glen E. Woolfenden, Jack P. Hailman, Wesley E. Lanyon.

Short Communication

Body Mass, Ambient Temperature, Time of Day, and Vigilance in Tufted Titmice. 221-223.
Vladimir V. Pravosudov, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.

Short Communications

Behavioral Interactions Between Golden-Winged and Blue-Winged Warblers. 209-214.
John L. Confer, Jeffery L. Larkin.
Numts: A Challenge For Avian Systematics and Population Biology. 214-221.
Michael D. Sorenson, Thomas W. Quinn.
Prey Selection By Breeding and Nonbreeding Barn Owls in Argentina. 224-229.
M. Isabel Bellocq.
Extrapair Paternity Associated With Renesting in the American Goldfinch. 230-234.
G. J. Gissing, T. J. Crease, A. L. A. Middleton.
Early Arrival Is Not Advantageous For Rufous Bush-Robins Parasitized By Common Cuckoos. 235-239.
Recent Change in the Winter Distribution of Rufous Hummingbirds. 240-245.
Geoffrey E. Hill, Robert R. Sargent, Martha B. Sargent.
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