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The Auk, Volume 114, Number 2 (1997)

2 (April)


Feeding Behavior, Flock-Size Dynamics, and Variation in Sexual Selection in Crossbills. 163-178.
Craig W. Benkman.
An Alternative Hypothesis For Heavier Parasite Loads of Brightly Colored Birds: Exposure At the Nest. 179-191.
Mary C. Garvin, J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Laying Order Affects Incubation Duration in the Black Kite (Milvus Migrans): Counteracting Hatching Asynchrony?. 192-199.
Javier Vi.
Nutritional Determinants of Diet in Three Turacos in a Tropical Montane Forest. 200-211.
Chin Sun, Timothy C. Moermond, Thomas J. Givnish.
Host-Egg Removal By Brown-Headed Cowbirds: A Test of the Host Incubation Limit Hypothesis. 212-220.
D. Glen Mcmaster, Spencer G. Sealy.
Testicular Asymmetry and Secondary Sexual Characters in Red Junglefowl. 221-228.
Rebecca T. Kimball, J. David Ligon, Michele Merola-Zwartjes.
Growth and Organ Development in Greater Snow Goose Goslings. 229-241.
Louis Lesage, Gilles Gauthier.
Interaction of Osmotic and Volemic Components in Initiating Salt-Gland Secretion in Pekin Ducks. 242-248.
Darin C. Bennett, Maryanne R. Hughes, Cristina N. De Sobrino, David A. Gray.
Molt and Migration in the Northern Rough-Winged Swallow. 249-262.
Tamaki Yuri, Sievert Rohwer.
Spring Stopover of Intercontinental Migratory Thrushes Along the Northern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico. 263-278.
Wang Yong, Frank R. Moore.
Dominance, Age, and Reproductive Success in a Complex Society: A Long-Term Study of the Mexican Jay. 279-286.
Jerram L. Brown, Esther R. Brown, Joseph Sedransk, Shannon Ritter.
In Memoriam: Hustace H. Poor, 1914-1996. 287.
James Baird.
Reviews. 306-313.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Age of First Breeding in Merlins (Falco Columbarius). 288-290.
David J. Lieske, Lynn W. Oliphant, Paul C. James, Ian G. Warkentin, Richard H. M. Espie.
Problems With Removal Experiments Designed to Test the Relationship Between Paternity and Parental Effort in a Socially Polyandrous Bird. 291-295.
Ian G. Jamieson, James S. Quinn.
Crows Do Not Use Automobiles As Nutcrackers: Putting an Anecdote to the Test. 296-298.
Daniel A. Cristol, Paul V. Switzer, Kara L. Johnson, Leah S. Walke.
Black-Capped Chickadees and Red-Breasted Nuthatches Weigh" Sunflower Seeds". 298-299.
Bernd Heinrich, Chris C. Joerg, Sean S. Madden, Emory W. Sanders, Jr.
Mononykus and Birds: Methods and Evidence. 300-302.
Luis Chiappe, Mark Norell, James Clark.
On the Origin of Some Birds Collected By George Such, and the Type Localities of Several Forms. 303-305.
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