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The Auk, Volume 114, Number 1 (1997)

1 (January)


New Aethopyga Sunbirds (Aves: Nectariniidae) From the Island of Mindanao, Philippines. 1-10.
Robert S. Kennedy, Pedro C. Gonzales, Hector C. Miranda, Jr.
Determinants of Intraspecific Brood Amalgamation in Waterfowl. 11-21.
Guy Beauchamp.
Sex Differences in the Vocalizations and Syrinx of the Collared Dove (Streptopelia Decaocto). 22-39.
Mechteld R. Ballintijn, Carel Ten Cate.
Habitat Associations of Song Characteristics in Phylloscopus and Hippolais Warblers. 40-46.
Alexander V. Badyaev, Elizabeth S. Leaf.
The Effects of Hatching Date and Parental Quality on Chick Growth and Creching Age in the Chinstrap Penguin (Pygoscelis Antarctica): A Field Experiment. 47-54.
Juan Moreno, Andr.
Does Human Intrusion Alter the Seasonal Timing of Avian Song During Breeding Periods?. 55-65.
Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Elizabeth A. Kroese, Stanley H. Anderson, Charles A. Wilkins.
Are Cowbird Eggs Unusually Strong From the Inside?. 66-73.
Jaroslav Picman.
Changes in Breeding Bird Populations in North Dakota: 1967 to 1992-93. 74-92.
Lawrence D. Igl, Douglas H. Johnson.
Sources of Variation in Waterfowl Survival Rates. 93-102.
David G. Krementz, Richard J. Barker, James D. Nichols.
Effects of Acute Thermal Stress on the Immune System of the Northern Bobwhite (Colinu5 Virginianus). 103-109.
C. B. Dabbert, R. L. Lochmiller, R. G. Teeter.
In Memoriam: Theodore A. Parker Iii, 1953-1993. 110.
John M. Bates, Thomas S. Schulenberg.
In Memoriam: Merrill Wood, 1908-1992. 111.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1996:. 144-145.
Kenneth P. Able.
Elliott Coues Award, 1996:. 145-146.
Ellen D. Ketterson.
Reviews. 147-160.
Announcement. 161.

Short Communications And Commentaries

A Sexually Selected Paradox in the Pied Flycatcher: Attractive Males Are Cuckolded. 112-115.
Jan T. Lifjeld, Tore Slagsvold, Svein Dale, Hans Ellegren.
Nest-Site Selection and Reproductive Success in Common Ravens. 116-120.
Jeffrey R. Dunk, Roger N. Smith, Steven L. Cain.
Social and Sexual Monogamy in Translocated New Zealand Robin Populations Detected Using Minisatellite Dna. 120-126.
Simone L. Ardern, Wei Ma, John G. Ewen, Doug P. Armstrong, David M. Lambert.
Skin From Feet of Museum Specimens As a Non-Destructive Source of Dna For Avian Genotyping. 126-129.
Nicholas I. Mundy, Philip Unitt, David S. Woodruff.
Influence of Hatch Date Versus Maternal and Genetic Effects on Growth of Black Brant Goslings. 129-132.
James S. Sedinger, Mark S. Lindberg, Michael Eichholz, Nathan Chelgren.
Is the Energy Cost of Begging By Nestling Passerines Surprisingly Low?. 133.
Wesley W. Weathers, Peter J. Hodum, David J. Anderson.
Is Begging Cheap?. 134.
Simon Verhulst, Popko Wiersma.
The Role of Energetic Costs in the Evolution of Begging Behavior of Nestling Passerines. 135-137.
John P. Mccarty.
Double Jeopardy and the Parameterization of Brood Reduction Models: A Comment on Mock and Forbes (1994). 137-140.
Scott H. Stoleson.
Abiotic Factors and Preroosting Behavior of Greylag Geese: A Comment. 140-141.
Abiotic Factors and Preroosting Behavior of Greylag Geese: Response to Reebs. 142-143.
Alain Schmitt.
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