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The Auk, Volume 113, Number 4 (1996)

4 (October)


Consequences of an Alien Shrub on the Plumage Coloration and Ecology of Cedar Waxwings. 735-743.
Mark C. Witmer.
Mitochondrial Dna Lineages in Composite Flocks of Migratory and Wintering Dunlins (Calidris Alpina). 744-756.
Paul W. Wenink, Allan J. Baker.
Incidence and Origins of Supernumeraries At Bushtit (Psaltriparus Minimus) Nests. 757-770.
Sarah A. Sloane.
Acoustical Features of Song Categories of the Adelaide's Warbler (Dendroica Adelaidae). 771-783.
Cynthia A. Staicer.
Evolutionary Relationships Among Extant Albatrosses (Procellariiformes: Diomedeidae) Established From Complete Cytochrome-B Gene Sequences. 784-801.
Gary B. Nunn, John Cooper, Pierre Jouventin, Chris J. R.
Influence of the Trailing-Edge Notch on Flight Performance of Galliforms. 802-810.
Sergei V. Drovetski.
Systematics of Grouse and Ptarmigan Determined By Nucleotide Sequences of the Mitochondrial Cytochrome-B Gene. 811-822.
Darrell L. Ellsworth, Rodney L. Honeycutt, Nova J. Silvy.
First-Time Observer Effects in the North American Breeding Bird Survey. 823-829.
William L. Kendall, Bruce G. Peterjohn, John R. Sauer.
Allocation of Growth in Food-Stressed Atlantic Puffin Chicks. 830-841.
Hilde Stol.
Repeated Evolution of Sexual Color Dimorphism in Passerine Birds. 842-848.
Trevor Price, Geoffrey L. Birch.
Notes and News. 848-857.
Plumage Coloration and Conspicuousness in Birds: Experiments With the Pied Flycatcher. 849-857.
Svein Dale, Tore Slagsvold.
Subadult Plumage in the House Finch and Tests of Models For the Evolution of Delayed Plumage Maturation. 858-874.
Geoffrey E. Hill.
Habitat Selection By American Redstarts Along a Successional Gradient in Northern Hardwoods Forest: Evaluation of Habitat Quality. 875-888.
Peter D. Hunt.
Geographic Variation in Migratory Behavior of Greater White-Fronted Geese (Anser Albifrons). 889-901.
Craig R. Ely, John Y. Takekawa.
Nestling Sex-Ratio Variation in Western Bluebirds. 902-910.
Walter D. Koenig, Janis L. Dickinson.
Implications of Vagrant Southeastern Vireos and Warblers in California. 911-923.
Michael A. Patten, Curtis A. Marantz.
In Memoriam: Burt L. Monroe, Jr., 1930-1994. 924-927.
Kenneth P. Able.
In Memoriam: Harvey I. Fisher, 1916-1994. 928-930.
George H. Waring, Chandler S. Robbins.
In Memoriam: William H. Drury, 1921-1992. 930-933.
Ian C. T. Nisbet.
In Memoriam: Walter R. Spofford, 1908-1995. 933-934.
Dean Amadon.
In Memoriam: William H. Marshall, 1912-1996. 934.
C. Stuart Houston.
Reviews. 970-979.
Index to Volume 113. 980-990.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Play Activity in Young Montagu's Harriers (Circus Pygargus). 935-938.
Massimo Pandolfi.
Allocation of Limited Reserves to a Clutch: A Model Explaining the Lack of a Relationship Between Clutch Size and Egg Size. 939-942.
Paul L. Flint, James B. Grand, James S. Sedinger.
Notes on the Behavior of the Masked Saltator in Southern Ecuador. 942-944.
Joseph A. Tobias, Robert S. R. Williams.
Habitat Barriers to Movement of Understory Birds in Fragmented South-Temperate Rainforest. 944-949.
Kathryn E. Sieving, Mary F. Willson, Toni L. De Santo.
Time of Departure By Summer Tanagers (Piranga Rubra) From a Stopover Site Following Spring Trans-Gulf Migration. 949-952.
Frank R. Moore, David A. Aborn.
Cavity Nesting By Great Kiskadees (Pitangus Sulphuratus): Adaptation or Expression of Ancestral Behavior?. 953-955.
Celso Lago-Paiva.
Interbreeding of a Tricolored Heron and a Snowy Egret in South Dakota. 955-957.
William A. Meeks, David E. Naugle, Rex R. Johnson, Kenneth F. Higgins.
Skewed Sex Ratios in Cooper's Hawk Offspring. 957-960.
Robert N. Rosenfield, John Bielefeldt, Susan M. Vos.
Social Strategy and Cover in Savannah Sparrows. 960-963.
Bryan D. Watts.
Begging As Competition For Food in Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 963-967.
Karen Price.
Terminology in Molt and Wing Feathers: Use of Descendant, Ascendant, and Lesser Coverts. 968-969.
Raffael Winkler, Lukas Jenni.
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